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double jeopardy

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A colleague of mine got into a motorcycle accident early this month. He is ok but he has to be out of work for a year until his right leg has fully recovered, the impact of his injury. As i understood, the operation he underwent wasn’t part of the insurance coverage (or at least not fully covered) we have at work. Meaning he has to shell out his own money. It’s as if it’s not enough to deal with the physical pain alone.

What happened to him left me thinking. Can we really depend on our company insurance should there be any untoward accident that may happen to us? I have to check out some life insurance rate because i think it’s crucial that we have something or our loved ones can hang on to. We can never tell what happens tomorrow. Professional fees from specialists are not also covered should we want to have a particular checkup. Really not that helpful, but as others would have it, it’s better than not to having any insurance at all.

pigging out

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Today is a non-working holiday for the city of Lapulapu. It’s the Kadaugan of Mactan. Kadaugan in English means victory. This is supposedly to honor or commemorate the victory of the great Lapulapu over the Portuguese conqueror Ferdinand Magellan. Part of the celebration is a weeklong food festival where famous hotels and resorts of the city get to showcase some of their specialties and make it a bit affordable to the consuming public.

Now, i wonder if weight loss products can still do so much since i’ve been pigging out since last Friday. The location of the fest is at the Mactan shrine. I went there last Friday and came back the next day. I can’t have enough of lasagna! There are lots of food to choose from but i’m too lazy for the queue so i settled myself with the lasagna and tacos. It’s always fun to eat out especially with circle of friends. Thanks Rai for the photo.

be a smart consumer

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I was watching the late news on TV last night and it announced that there’s an oil price rollback at exactly 12:01 midnight. That should be a good news as prices of every commodity has gone up. Try going to a bakery and you can’t barely have something for your 5 pesos. The used to be 1 peso pandesal now costs 5pesos. And it’s only as big or even smaller than the fist of a month old baby. I imagine how difficult it is to prepare something for your kid’s baons. I used to have only 50cents then to buy ice candy. Heheh. At this time and age, we should all be a wise consumer. You may want to check out and have a keen read of the common products we buy and its prices. Who would not want to get the best of what we pay for? So, be smart and vote errr buy wisely. Seriously, I now compare prices of everything I buy. Centavos do count.

unwanted circles

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What is natural is beautiful. But come on, there must be something about yourself physically that you’re crazy about to get help. I can mention a few about myself. Curly hair is luscious but not when you think of kinky hair. So, I’d be dammed every time I don’t get my hair fixed every 4 months or so. When I was younger, all I wanted was to have a curly hair. During commencement exercises, I would cry if my mother would not allow me to have my hair curled! Soon enough, it got damaged and never got back to its original form. Now, that I’m older, I worry about how to straighten my hair! How ironic is that? What else? Eye bags? Yes who would want that? I’m certainly looking for the best eye cream for dark circles too. I hate it every time people ask me if I haven’t slept the night before. Is that vanity? I don’t think so. I believe it’s just part of good grooming. Naks. ;)

it’s so humid!

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Summer is officially here. Summer heat is everywhere. Even after bath, you sweat like forever. Last Sunday, I wanted to drink something very cold so instead of sodas I made banana shake. I think I consumed 3 glasses or more! For every pitcher I made (since I have lots of relatives), I gulped 1 glass each. That’s refreshing I just don’t know about the calories. I just wish I run as much. Lol.

While complaining of the very humid weather, I remember the cool weather of Sagada. I wish I can go there at this time of the year. I remember one of the restos we dined at and the gigantic outdoor fireplace they have. It’s truly a romantic ambiance for one to behold. I remember that night I was holding my glass of fresh apple juice staring at the clear windows and thought to myself how beautiful it is to live in a place like Sagada. Sigh. I should come back. Soon.

3 months to beat

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My friend/colleague just told me that she just got her race bib and singlet for this Sunday’s run already. She said it’s nice and worth keeping. Now I’m excited to get mine. Have to drop by the mall tomorrow, get the race kit and run some more errands. It’s going to be a hectic weekend (naks!), I hope I could still find time to go to Colon on Sunday evening as I have some items I want to buy from there. As always, I’m a major fan of the Colon area.

I’m giving myself 3 months to see the effect of this running mania. They say it should be coupled with proper diet. Maybe a food supplement with CLA can yield better results. Don’t be mistaken. When I say running or run, I may sound like a pro but believe me, I’m just your ordinary jogger or walker for that matter who simply aims to just lose weight! Lol! I’m looking at my old pictures and I wonder what have I done to bloat like this now? :P

shopping madness

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Ladies went gaga this afternoon at the office. Busy eyeing on clothes on some catalogues while thinking of the sale at one of the major malls around. Arrgghh! I like a lot of items but I’m still not decided. I’m still contemplating between buying clothes or buying the exercise tool I saw at the mall last weekend. It caught my attention as it was placed near the array of pull up bars in the bazaar area. I think it’s good for trimming the waist line. Just how I want that! Don’t you wish you didn’t have to choose or prioritize on what to buy? I imagine there will come a point when I’ll just pick and buy whatever I like regardless of its cost and importance. How’s that going to happen? Oh genie in a bottle, come see me! My wishes are ready! Heheh!

first, last, now

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* First name: Lany
* First screen name: Mickeymickey
* First travel outside the country: last 2004
* First piercing: since immemorial? I can’t remember when.

* Last beverage drank: Gatorade. Went for a jog/walk earlier. Yey! I finally joined the fun run yesterday. 3K. Not bad for a starter. ;)
* Last food consumed: Dinner – glazed pork, rice, mango, kutsinta
* Last phone call: Madame Phoebe
* Last time showered: around 11:00am today
* Last CD played: Firehouse collection
*Last website visited: this site about employment for I might just be looking for another one. A few of my colleagues are starting to leave again… there goes the high turnover rate (again). Tsk.

* Single or taken: Single (calling all the single men out there! Nyehehe!)
* Gender: Female
* Birthday: July 14
* Sign: Cancer
* Shoe size: 6 to 6.5 (for rubber shoes… and I need sponsors! Lol! Running shoes please! * Thinking about: Getting a massage… haayy I’m tired.

a blessed holy week

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We all celebrate Lenten season in so many ways. Whatever yours is - i hope you have a blessed one.

Have a blessed Lenten season everyone!