first, last, now

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* First name: Lany
* First screen name: Mickeymickey
* First travel outside the country: last 2004
* First piercing: since immemorial? I can’t remember when.

* Last beverage drank: Gatorade. Went for a jog/walk earlier. Yey! I finally joined the fun run yesterday. 3K. Not bad for a starter. ;)
* Last food consumed: Dinner – glazed pork, rice, mango, kutsinta
* Last phone call: Madame Phoebe
* Last time showered: around 11:00am today
* Last CD played: Firehouse collection
*Last website visited: this site about employment for I might just be looking for another one. A few of my colleagues are starting to leave again… there goes the high turnover rate (again). Tsk.

* Single or taken: Single (calling all the single men out there! Nyehehe!)
* Gender: Female
* Birthday: July 14
* Sign: Cancer
* Shoe size: 6 to 6.5 (for rubber shoes… and I need sponsors! Lol! Running shoes please! * Thinking about: Getting a massage… haayy I’m tired.

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