be a smart consumer

Posted on Apr 27, 2010 under blahs, my thoughts with infos |

I was watching the late news on TV last night and it announced that there’s an oil price rollback at exactly 12:01 midnight. That should be a good news as prices of every commodity has gone up. Try going to a bakery and you can’t barely have something for your 5 pesos. The used to be 1 peso pandesal now costs 5pesos. And it’s only as big or even smaller than the fist of a month old baby. I imagine how difficult it is to prepare something for your kid’s baons. I used to have only 50cents then to buy ice candy. Heheh. At this time and age, we should all be a wise consumer. You may want to check out and have a keen read of the common products we buy and its prices. Who would not want to get the best of what we pay for? So, be smart and vote errr buy wisely. Seriously, I now compare prices of everything I buy. Centavos do count.

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