it’s so humid!

Posted on Apr 27, 2010 under blahs, my thoughts with infos |

Summer is officially here. Summer heat is everywhere. Even after bath, you sweat like forever. Last Sunday, I wanted to drink something very cold so instead of sodas I made banana shake. I think I consumed 3 glasses or more! For every pitcher I made (since I have lots of relatives), I gulped 1 glass each. That’s refreshing I just don’t know about the calories. I just wish I run as much. Lol.

While complaining of the very humid weather, I remember the cool weather of Sagada. I wish I can go there at this time of the year. I remember one of the restos we dined at and the gigantic outdoor fireplace they have. It’s truly a romantic ambiance for one to behold. I remember that night I was holding my glass of fresh apple juice staring at the clear windows and thought to myself how beautiful it is to live in a place like Sagada. Sigh. I should come back. Soon.

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