pigging out

Posted on Apr 27, 2010 under blahs, my thoughts with infos, photos with friends |


Today is a non-working holiday for the city of Lapulapu. It’s the Kadaugan of Mactan. Kadaugan in English means victory. This is supposedly to honor or commemorate the victory of the great Lapulapu over the Portuguese conqueror Ferdinand Magellan. Part of the celebration is a weeklong food festival where famous hotels and resorts of the city get to showcase some of their specialties and make it a bit affordable to the consuming public.

Now, i wonder if weight loss products can still do so much since i’ve been pigging out since last Friday. The location of the fest is at the Mactan shrine. I went there last Friday and came back the next day. I can’t have enough of lasagna! There are lots of food to choose from but i’m too lazy for the queue so i settled myself with the lasagna and tacos. It’s always fun to eat out especially with circle of friends. Thanks Rai for the photo.

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