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21] Saturday 9: Lies

1. When was the last time you lied and why?
last month - i think it was what’s best for my friend/colleague

2. If you could move anywhere and take someone with you, where would you go and who would you take?
Australia or somewhere Europe with my special someone if there’s any

3. What was the last thought before falling asleep last night?
will i submit my resume or not?

4. What’s your favorite style of underwear for the opposite sex?
i really don’t have any idea, but definitely no thongs!

5. If you didn’t have to work, would you? If you work from home, are there days you’d rather be in the workplace?
I would not work if i dont have to. But if i were to work at home, i rather work in a workplace.

6. What is a secret that you wouldn’t mind everyone knowing?
it wouldn’t be a secret anymore if everyone has to know

7. What’s a favorite movie that you wouldn’t want anyone to find out about?
none in particular

8. What’s you favorite all time medical and why?
orange soda with egg (heheh!)

9. What’s the worst relationship mistake that you wish you could take back?
dating someone who already had a gf (of course i found the gf thingy way later! but i was glad i’m not too dumb not no know the truth)

it’s bath time!

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Just how many of us love lounging in the tubs? I don’t have it at home but when i get a chance i do love lazing in tubs. When i was in Michigan sometime ago, my apartment have it and i spend most of my weekend time in the tub.

But who says that our physically challenged friends could not enjoy as much as we do. These walk in tubs would be perfect for them. Now they can enjoy bath time more than ever.

Speaking of bath, i haven’t taken a bath since i woke up. Heheh! Don’t yah worry, i’ll do it in a sweep. And don’t blame me because our water supply has been crazy for the past months already. We normally don’t have water in the morning. So you can imagine most of my neighbours waking up in the wee hours of the night just to wash clothes, bath, etc. Talk about El Nino effect. Tsk.

no more shopping spree for me

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Oi! I miss going to Colon lately. Never been to the area for the past weeks. I wonder if there are new items to watch out for especially summer dresses. Summer is almost over but i’m not over fantasizing about sundresses.

For all of you shopaholics out there, Black Friday doesn’t always come during Holyweek. Check it out online and you can always get the best deals ever. We don’t have this in the country but for sure my friends in Michigan find this awesome.

During the festivities in SRP last weekend – there were bazaars but i didn’t get a chance to see them. The area was jampacked by both the run fanatics and rally participants. But that’s ok, that saved me money and afforded me not to buy again things i don’t need!

boom pop

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One of my friends said that, by next year, single or married, we’ll all have babies. Lol! So easy to say, but it would actually be harder raising a kid alone. But hmnn, let me give it a thought. Hahah! :P

Two of my friends from work will soon pop anytime starting next week. The other one will have a boy while the other one is still tbd – to be determined. The baby kept on crossing his/her feet so it won’t reveal anything in the ultrasound. That should be a surprise to the expectant parents. As most of my friends are pregnant and having babies already – they all have one thing in common to say, that is to never forget to take prenatal vitamins religiously. Oh, a former colleague of mine will soon deliver anytime this week too. That makes a total of 3 persons that i know of that will soon pop. It’s definitely a baby boom for most of my peers. Me? That remains to be a tbd. :D

skin issues

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Happy Saturday everyone! It’s but another weekend, nothing special going on around here. I’ve actually not spend much time outside or somewhere far. I’m basically just home most of the time. I’m lazy and having cough and colds is just as annoying as it is.

Last year, it’s already raining when the month of May came. Lucky for this year because it’s still as sunny as ever. Hopefully it won’t rain until the end of this month as we still have an upcoming company summer party. What i hate about summer is skin problems like prickly heat but at least i don’t get eczema which i think is harder to deal with.

Talk about skin care – arrgghh i forgot to buy sunblock. I’m gonna use it tomorrow for the race. It’s not like i’m that vain but i sure understand how sensitive our skin to UV rays, etc. And besides, i’m already dark so i don’t need to be anymore darker!

i’m sick but still going on a trip

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It’s already the month of May, but fortunately this year, it’s still very summer. I said this because last year, my friends at the office and I went to Camotes Island on May 01. It’s a pity that they were not able to enjoy the beach because the weather wasn’t good. It rained, if i’m not mistaken there was a typhoon, if not tropical depression.

I was checking out this site and tried to get a free quote. Not because i would really buy one but because i was thinking how nice it would be had i own an RV. My college friend and her family and myself are going to Bohol tomorrow. It took us a while to finally find the van that will tour us around. Thanks to our other friend who hails from Bohol and she got us the service already. Sadly, she can’t go with us during the tour. She’s busy at work but we’ll all see each other on Saturday here in Cebu.

So, if my friend’s son not sick anymore later, we’re going to the island of Chocolate Hills.

Have a happy weekend in advance.