i’m sick but still going on a trip

Posted on May 05, 2010 under blahs, my thoughts with infos |

It’s already the month of May, but fortunately this year, it’s still very summer. I said this because last year, my friends at the office and I went to Camotes Island on May 01. It’s a pity that they were not able to enjoy the beach because the weather wasn’t good. It rained, if i’m not mistaken there was a typhoon, if not tropical depression.

I was checking out this site www.goodsamesp.com and tried to get a free quote. Not because i would really buy one but because i was thinking how nice it would be had i own an RV. My college friend and her family and myself are going to Bohol tomorrow. It took us a while to finally find the van that will tour us around. Thanks to our other friend who hails from Bohol and she got us the service already. Sadly, she can’t go with us during the tour. She’s busy at work but we’ll all see each other on Saturday here in Cebu.

So, if my friend’s son not sick anymore later, we’re going to the island of Chocolate Hills.

Have a happy weekend in advance.

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