boom pop

Posted on May 15, 2010 under blahs, my thoughts with infos |

One of my friends said that, by next year, single or married, we’ll all have babies. Lol! So easy to say, but it would actually be harder raising a kid alone. But hmnn, let me give it a thought. Hahah! :P

Two of my friends from work will soon pop anytime starting next week. The other one will have a boy while the other one is still tbd – to be determined. The baby kept on crossing his/her feet so it won’t reveal anything in the ultrasound. That should be a surprise to the expectant parents. As most of my friends are pregnant and having babies already – they all have one thing in common to say, that is to never forget to take prenatal vitamins religiously. Oh, a former colleague of mine will soon deliver anytime this week too. That makes a total of 3 persons that i know of that will soon pop. It’s definitely a baby boom for most of my peers. Me? That remains to be a tbd. :D

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