skin issues

Posted on May 15, 2010 under blahs, my thoughts with infos |

Happy Saturday everyone! It’s but another weekend, nothing special going on around here. I’ve actually not spend much time outside or somewhere far. I’m basically just home most of the time. I’m lazy and having cough and colds is just as annoying as it is.

Last year, it’s already raining when the month of May came. Lucky for this year because it’s still as sunny as ever. Hopefully it won’t rain until the end of this month as we still have an upcoming company summer party. What i hate about summer is skin problems like prickly heat but at least i don’t get eczema which i think is harder to deal with.

Talk about skin care – arrgghh i forgot to buy sunblock. I’m gonna use it tomorrow for the race. It’s not like i’m that vain but i sure understand how sensitive our skin to UV rays, etc. And besides, i’m already dark so i don’t need to be anymore darker!

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