kodus to honesty

Posted on Jun 13, 2010 under blahs |

It seldom happens to me. I’m almost always mindful of my things. But one weekend was an exemption. I probably was too tired that i totally forgot the items i just bought in the mall. I got myself a (board) shorts and a pair of socks in a boutique. Later, i went inside the department store to find another pair of shorts. When i got home, i realized i don’t have the plastic bag for the first two items i bought in the boutique. Waahhh! I went back to the department store the next day with the hopes that the saleslady found it. I was so sure i left it at one of the shelves while browsing through the shorts on display. I followed my intuition and asked the saleslady if they found a plastic bag with socks and shorts in it. Voila! She did find it. My intuition was so right. I went to the right area of the department store and i only had to ask a single saleslady. She led me to the lost and found claim area of the store. I just waited for a few minutes and i got my stuff without any hassles. Kodus to the staff of SM City Cebu (department store), especially to the saleslady who found my plastic bag. Thanks and God bless your soul. 

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