on safety rules

Posted on Jun 13, 2010 under blahs at work, my thoughts with infos |

Catastrophes are inevitable. Bad things could happen at any given time. But being prepared and having the proper knowledge on what to do when calamities happen can at least lessen the damage and losses. That’s why i believe it’s important that we, employees, should strictly and heartily follow and obey any safety drills conducted within the company premises. Even simply following exit signs can do so much in implementing safety rules.

During company safety drills, i think it’s better if it is unannounced. When people know it is just a drill, they tend not to follow instructions. Why bother when it is just a drill? If it is unannounced, people will act by instincts and it is by this nature that the safety committee can very well assess its safety programs. As a leader, there’s this one thing for us to do when a fire (for example) happens. That i should go and secure an attendance checklist at the guardhouse - that is to check the headcount. If ever something would happen, i don’t think i would still be in my right mind to ever go to the guardhouse and ask for this checklist! Isn’t that funny?

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