what’s so special with June?

Posted on Jun 13, 2010 under blahs, my thoughts with infos |

So, it’s June - the month oh-so-famous for weddings. Why is it that it’s kind of special when someone says she’s a June bride? According to church records (i read sometime somewhere) however that December is the month with the highest rate of wedding ceremonies done, and not June.

Maybe it’s really special when you’re wed on the month of June. For at the office, i know four people who’ll get married this month. I’m not invited to any of this ceremonies, i’m not a close friend to them. But one of my friends told me that i’ve been to a lot of weddings already. I should know all there is to be prepared. Yup, when my turn comes, i already have in mind what my wedding should be like. I found this wedding cake toppers online and i’m sure one of the items would be perfect for my cake. But just like any celebrations, a thing or two minor details would be neglected. It doesn’t matter though, for what is important is the sanctity of the ceremony and not the grandeur of the fancy decors or dresses.

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