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nutty talk

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I’m really not keen about reading health materials but sometimes you receive pieces of information in your mailbox. It’s kinda cool because you get to be prompted to read on informative articles, real deal of trivias useful for our daily survival. I did make a special folder for email/messages i receive that is health related. Isn’t that nice?

I’ve read that although we can get the essential nutrients, vitamins and minerals from eating fruits and vegetables at its freshest state, taking supplement vitamins would sometimes come in a necessity. Some of us are very choosy with what we eat. Chances are, we are missing out some of the nutrients. Needless to say, it’s important we eat different variety of foods. It’s just a matter of choosing which is healthier, which is stuffed with most nutrients. For example: nuts are healthy, turned out, almonds are the best. What about almonds with chocolates? Lol! Love ‘em by the way. :P

long weekends, short week

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There’s nothing much exciting going on at the office to be excited about. With some colleagues leaving, it’s neither a good thing to celebrate about, at least for us who are left behind. Somehow, i’m excited about the two long weekends we’re going to enjoy week after next. The aid of Lipovox would be maybe needed since i’m sure to be pigging out!

July 12 is a national holiday, but since it’s a Saturday, it will be moved to Monday. June 17 is a holiday in Lapulapu but in order to maximize company operation, it will be moved to June 18, Friday. In essence, for next next week, we’ll only have 3 working days. Yey! Sweet! At least i’ll be away from work for some extra days. Been having headaches lately. Tsk.

upside down

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1. When was the last time that you felt your world got turned upside down?
fortunately, never been to that situation yet… vanity wise, these pimples starting to show up in my face is a tragedy. a best acne treatment would surely not make my world upside down with this seemingly annoying skin problem!

2. Should the United States do more to help its own citizens before helping people in other countries?
yeah i think so

3. What was something you memorized for school and still can recall?
sadly i can’t remember any

4. With what types of people do you tend to associate?
the jolly and intelligent ones!

5. Besides blogging what is the last creative thing that you’ve done?
running, is that being creative? hehe

6. In nature, what outdoor activities do you enjoy the most?
going to the beach, though i’m not a swimmer

7. When was the last time that you had a great belly laugh?
last night

8. What kind of fashion-sense attracts you?
smart, neat looking fashion

9. What traits in others turn you off?
self righteous, know it all type of people

talk to specialists

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We have this cooperative at the office. One of its benefits is an allowance of 500Php/day when you are hospitalized. I only knew of this matter recently and I regretted that I wasn’t able to claim my supposedly 2000Php allowance when I was admitted for four days in the hospital last time. It’s not much but it still money. Anyway, I wouldn’t want to be hospitalized again just to get a hospital allowance. If you’re crazy enough, I think you can gain from this, if you know what I mean. Lol! I think we also have an insurance in the coop but I’m not that aware and I wasn’t that interested then when it was introduced. There are many things to learn about insurance so you might be interested to check out insurancespecialists to learn more ideas and tips. The insurance coverage of my younger sister has been helping my nephew and sister a lot. Sad to say, with my company’s insurance, I can’t offer the same help.

not born to drive

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It’s school break for the past two months. I would expect that there’s less traffic in most areas. Turned out i’m wrong. Some roads in the city are undergoing some repairs. An example of which is a construction work in the reclamation area. It is near the port and near the mall. Lots of vehicles both public and private would be passing around this area. Having to pass this area everyday is a nightmare. Traffic is worst for the most part of the day. Add to that, some drivers, still don’t read signs ahead. Yesterday was not an exception. A car bugged down . It took a while before the car was towed.

A friend told me it’s kinda embarrassing to be the one causing the traffic. She got stuck in a middle of a highway. It was a good thing that good sam towing came to rescue. I’m not a driver. I don’t have a car. But all these road problems are uninviting enough for me not to want to drive. It’s just scary! I was once in California (while i was assigned in Michigan office) and i realized i don’t think i would really like to drive. Heheh!

what’s best for her and him

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It is imperative that men’s needs are different from the women’s. From a feminist view, all of our needs are probably equal. Interesting enough. See, i’ve read something about noxycut review and it is said to be yielding better results with men. Read more about it before you trash talk me. There are comparisons to consider. And speaking of comparisons, i’ve noticed that men at the office are more vain than women lately. How could that be? Lol! They’re even more health conscious than we do. I saw two of them drinking milk every night. We have a weird shifting schedule at work so it’s no surprise i get to see them drinking milk huh. It’s a healthy thing. Just not that common i guess. But hurray to them! Wish i could follow them. I’m not so much of a milk drinker. But if it’s chocolate flavoured, i won’t say no.

Now what i have been talking about? I just would like to say that there are things in life that will work best in men and some other things in life that will work best with women. Period.

reviews do help

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Of course it’s easier to choose between two things of whatever sort. I would have to negate this statement of mine though when it comes to choosing a particular bag or dress or shoes. As what i have always said, i always buy 2 or 3 same things of different colors. Lol! I have much evidence on this one.

Let’s talk about beauty care. Go around the market today and a lot of different brands offer the same results. Now that would be very confusing to tell which product would give excellent results. What about something you eat or drink? Health wise, that calls for a major checking. For people like me who would want to try out diet pills, better read some diet pill comparisons first. True enough, it pays to check the labels and reading reviews wouldn’t hurt as well. And take note, one may work for your friend, it doesn’t follow that it will work for you. I guess being cautious is the key.

from loose to nothing

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I went to the clinic at the office sometime last week to have my blood pressure checked. I stepped on the weighing scale anyway because it was situated near the nurse’s table. Definitely a wrong move. Now i’m stressed thinking how much weight i have put on! In denial, i shrugged off the number the scale gave me. I said it’s not calibrated. The reading is all wrong.

A little earlier, i was browsing through some of my recent photos. Haven’t had the chance to upload them so i just browsed randomly. Now i can’t deny. I’m really getting bigger and bigger! Waahh! I’ve been running for almost 3 months now. I don’t see any effects! Or maybe i’m not running enough? Or i’m still eating too much thinking that it would be compensated since i run once in a while? Huh! Whatever the case is, i think i need adipex diet pills to go with my exercise. Supplements! Don’t you think i need some?

I got this cute pink/white board short from before. Previously, i would have to hold the waistline every time because it’s too loose. Now?? I can’t fit to it anymore! That bad.