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shop and save

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While it is not likely that when we shop we can save because normally when we shop, the very logical thing to happen is we shell out money and spend. But you might want to reconsider some thoughts. What about shopping online and save? Yes, that is possible with coupons that you can check out online. This is really pretty neat. You get to avoid the hassles of going to department stores and shopping malls to buy things you particularly need. Just enjoy shopping at the comforts of your home and enjoy discounts and great deals on almost all major products. Awesome!

new look!

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Yey! Finally! A new theme and layout for this blog. I’ve been wanting to change the layout for so long but never got around to it.

I was supposed to change the entirety of it earlier but when i installed the new layout, i got an error message which left me unable to access the admin panel anymore. I can’t do anything. For a moment, i panicked and i was fuming mad. I immediately shouted for help and before i could try out my friends’ seemingly difficult suggestions - i figured a way (read: non software engineer way) to correct the error. I can’t wait for my blog host helpdesk’s reply too. Though i thought i will have to check their suggestions later, when i have more time.

So instead of pulling off a new theme and layout, i decided to retain my old layout but make use of the header from the supposedly new theme. I think the flowers are really cute, and girly. Just changed font colors and style, width, etc…

Lo and behold! My new layout - this will stay i think for quite some time. I just need to improve the color layout of the shoutbox. I want the colors be more subtle.

Can’t do away with pink eh? :P Well, there goes the site name. :D

go your own way

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I don’t know with the title but it must be fitting since most of my colleagues are “going their own way”… in fact, three of them are on their first day of job today in their new companies.

1. When was the last time you were told to go your own way?
just a few minutes ago, a former colleague asked

2. What one experience has strengthened your character the most so far?
working and studying at the same time

3. What’s your favorite thing to do on a rainy day?
sleeping or reading

4. How long can you go without your cell phone?
as long as i’m just home, i wouldn’t mind not having a cell phone

5. Do you wish you were somewhere else right now?
yes.. i truly wish…

6. Of all the people you’ve ever known, who have you most feared?
i can’t think of someone

7. Do people tell you that you look your age?
no.. they always say i look younger.. charr!

8. Your ex shows up randomly at your house, what do you say?
what brings you here?

9. Do you believe everyone deserves a second chance?

raining men with sexy abs

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I just got logged out from a social networking site. Geez! One of the photo albums of one of my online friends is raining abs. Raining men with sexy abs rather. It’s a parade of some sort and a resounding wow is all i could say. How can those men get all those six pack of muscles? They could be taking testosterone booster right? And i’m sure those men are frequent visitors of gyms and sports centers. It takes a lot of dedication to maintain such sexy figures but i guess it’s all about attitude. When will i ever get that attitude? Hmnn… i’m sleepy already. Tada! Let’s dream of those sexy abs. Haha!

what’s my K?

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When is the best time to exercise? I’ve read that morning is the best time. Why? The fastest way to burn fat is to do exercises in the morning. I forgot how it is explained but i want to follow it. Problem is, i don’t wake up early! Lol! So my next best thing to do is to jog in the afternoon. Then again, i’m becoming lazy again to prepare my clothes in the morning. Sigh. Just what laziness can do.

Speaking of jogs – i ‘m amused that one of my lady friends has already tried running 12K in 1.5hrs. Wow! I’m proud of her! Me? I don’t even dream of running 10K. Perfecting 3K is my sole dream. Heheh! :D

yesterday was

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Happy Thursday! Yey! It’s almost the weekend. There’s nothing much going on actually i just would like that it be weekend already. I don’t like to be around with people lately. Lol! Hey i’m moody sometimes, that i won’t deny. That maybe is a post birthday syndrome of mine. Haha. I have to do a lot of reading on apidexin anyway so i ‘d rather spend the weekend at home. I promised a friend we’d go out on Sunday but we’ll see. I might just change my mind!

It’s my birthday yesterday. I would have wanted to be absent from work but it’s audit day so i restrain myself from being invisible. Nothing special. I wished for something special to happen but it was not granted. Maybe in His time it will be given to me.

I went out with friends though. That my day a little special. :)

nightly rituals

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It’s a pretty hectic week for me. I had to run some very important errands i failed to watch my favourite TV series. It is a nightly affair to watch my fave shows. I just finished downloading the last season of Ugly Betty but it may have to settle for a while since i have too many things to do lately. I even sometimes forget to wash my face and put on my night cream because i’m just too tired when i get home. Ahh thinking too much is eating me up! Well, i know this will be over soon so i will be vain again in days to come. ;)

burn those calories

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One of my good friends at work is already working for another company in another country. Like any other newbie adjusting in a new environment, she does have a few things to complain. While still here in Cebu, she doesn’t always have to be in a rush because her husband has a car and she can drive as well. In her new place, she has to be tougher as she joins the multitude of passengers every morning trying to get in the bus or the train. She has to do a lot of walking too, from home to train/bus station and vice versa. I told her to look at the positive side of it. Isn’t it a nice way to burn those calories? A fat burner would do wonders for sure but there’s another thing she can do for free so why not take it. It’s gonna take a while before she gets the hang of it but i know in due time, she will. I’ve been to Hongkong once and i can imagine how exhausting it is to emerge in a sea of passengers.

facial treatments

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I had a good night last night. It’s very rare nowadays that me and my friends at work get to spend some time together just eating out and chatting about anything. Right after the weekly teleconference with our offshore counterparts from Southfield, we headed to a nearby pizza parlor. Finally, my cravings have been fulfilled. I didn’t like their pasta that much though. So, like any other girly talks, beauty stuff is never missed out. One of them swears that she has the best acne treatments from her dermatologist. Her facial problem was gone in no time. And we need not negate because it shows. I might look up for her doctor since my cousin is looking for one. I’m not a fan of seeing doctors so i might just stick to my own beauty arsenals for now.