burn those calories

Posted on Jul 09, 2010 under blahs, my thoughts with infos |

One of my good friends at work is already working for another company in another country. Like any other newbie adjusting in a new environment, she does have a few things to complain. While still here in Cebu, she doesn’t always have to be in a rush because her husband has a car and she can drive as well. In her new place, she has to be tougher as she joins the multitude of passengers every morning trying to get in the bus or the train. She has to do a lot of walking too, from home to train/bus station and vice versa. I told her to look at the positive side of it. Isn’t it a nice way to burn those calories? A fat burner would do wonders for sure but there’s another thing she can do for free so why not take it. It’s gonna take a while before she gets the hang of it but i know in due time, she will. I’ve been to Hongkong once and i can imagine how exhausting it is to emerge in a sea of passengers.

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