new look!

Posted on Jul 25, 2010 under blahs |

Yey! Finally! A new theme and layout for this blog. I’ve been wanting to change the layout for so long but never got around to it.

I was supposed to change the entirety of it earlier but when i installed the new layout, i got an error message which left me unable to access the admin panel anymore. I can’t do anything. For a moment, i panicked and i was fuming mad. I immediately shouted for help and before i could try out my friends’ seemingly difficult suggestions - i figured a way (read: non software engineer way) to correct the error. I can’t wait for my blog host helpdesk’s reply too. Though i thought i will have to check their suggestions later, when i have more time.

So instead of pulling off a new theme and layout, i decided to retain my old layout but make use of the header from the supposedly new theme. I think the flowers are really cute, and girly. Just changed font colors and style, width, etc…

Lo and behold! My new layout - this will stay i think for quite some time. I just need to improve the color layout of the shoutbox. I want the colors be more subtle.

Can’t do away with pink eh? :P Well, there goes the site name. :D

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