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pink knickknack 001

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I love pink. The blog layout and blog domain speak for it. And I have lots of knickknacks that are in shade of pink. So, i decided to post my pink stuff here. Just for the sake of fun. ;)

Here’s my first entry.

sewing tools

I found this sewing tool box really cute. Not only it comes in pink, the cute teddy bear print is so cute! I bought it and since i don’t really need sewing tools every time, i used it as my headband storage. Heheh! :D (headbands, i always wear it when i run, which by the way i don’t do anymore for the past 2 months, lazy eh!)


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I was at a farewell party for my friend last Tuesday. She is living for Dubai to join the man of her life. I wish her nothing but the best of her new life in her new abode. I just wished further she could have given me her modern dining tables since she would not obviously be bringing it along. Kidding aside. But she’ll have someone rent her house so all her furniture and appliances will stay intact.

Another colleague of mine bid farewell last Friday. She is living for Australia for good. Her family will follow in the next few months.

With each passing day, people are saying their goodbyes. It’s sad. Most of my friends are no longer around. They are miles away already. Well. That’s life. Some good things never last. At least there are good memories to cherish and memories to make when we see each other again. Talk about being sentimental.

reminiscing August

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It’s the third weekend of August. By this time last year, my excitement cannot be contained. It was on the last weekend of August last year that two of my friends from work and I went to Sagada, Mountain Province.

We were anxious then because the weather wasn’t good. It rained every now and then with occasional strong winds. I was constantly monitoring news on the TV and broadcast emails at work. I was fervently praying that on the week of our travel it’s going to be sunny.

It was a good thing that we kept in touch with our tour guide. He said it was ok for us to continue with our trip because the weather in Sagada was very ok. The trip was really tiring. But I don’t regret a single second of it. The picturesque views were all worth it. The cool winds at noon were so invigorating. Maybe some outdoor fireplaces in the rest houses and pension houses would make an awesome romantic setting. I could feel the chills while we had our dinner.

We stopped by at Baguio after Sagada and had we known that September would be the grand centennial celebration of Baguio, we could have stayed longer. We missed their street parade and dancing. Well, there’s always a next time… thing is, most of my tripper-friends are no longer around town.

excitement halted

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So the long weekend that i’m so excited about is no longer true. Not that i have plans to do but a day of respite is something i always look forward to. The holiday falls on a Saturday but the President did not move the holiday to Monday. My sched at work is Mondays to Fridays only so management decided that we shorten our work-hour this week. Fair enough.

So last night, i decided to sleep early. I wanted to come to work early so i can leave early. I swear i went to bed before 10pm. But i was only half asleep (maybe because of my cough and colds too) so i decided to watch tv instead after all i can’t miss my favorite late Sunday night show. The house they featured this time was really outstanding. I admire how the owners mix modern furniture with their minimalist house concept. Well, the man of the house is an architect himself so you could expect nothing less from his own house design. I really love it. Imagine the look of his room – when he wakes up, he’s got a full view of the green trees outside his garden. Ah serenity.

So after watching the tv show, finally went back to sleep but had to wait for some two hours before i felt really sleepy. But i was glad i did not spend the 2 hours just tinkering the web and checking out the lives of others. You know what i mean – social networking sites. Duh!

stubborn me

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I’ve been having cough and colds again since last week. I hate it. It makes me lazy even more. I don’t want to work, if only i still have paid leaves i could have taken a week off. It’s bothersome – especially with runny nose. And in the evening i find it hard to breathe through my nose so i had to half open my mouth.

I dropped by a pharmacy store earlier on my way to work. I was in a hurry, as always. I just wanted to grab the mints i always have when i have sore throat or cough. It took me a while before the saleslady got my bill because the barcode scanner wasn’t working properly. It turned out, it’s not the machine that’s malfunctioning but because they have not updated the labels of their products yet. And i have to wait for a couple more minutes for my change. To make the story short , i was 31 minutes late when i tapped my badge.

Stubborn as i am – i’m eating chocolates right after drinking my cough medicine. Haha! And who’s to blame when i’m coughing like crazy now? The weather of course! Lol!

eureka! eureka!

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One of my friends is on her way to motherhood for the second time around and is asking for sugggestions - would be name of her baby that is. And i just thought Eureka might be a good one! LOL!

Seriously, eureka for me! You know how i love to travel right? I did make a separate blog for it. One blog for my travel and outings memorabilias. However, I never got around to it for the past couple of months but here’s the eureka — i am relaunching it!

Check out the pink tripper now and let’s share stories.

See yah there! :)

they’re moving out

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Do you know what’s the fad at the office? Especially in the department where I belong? It’s resigning and leaving for another country to work. It’s like everyone is busy looking for a new job. Others are pretty obvious about it while some are like on a stealth mode, as most of them would joke.

Some of them are into rush sales of items they won’t be needing anymore. Well, for practicality, items they can’t just easily bring along. In fact, I just received an email earlier about another set of items being sold. Ah I would have wanted to buy the flat screen monitor but I don’t have the money now.

I also have a friend (not from work) who will be leaving soon. I love her Hinkley lighting but she ain’t selling it. She can’t dispose her stuff just yet. She wants her fully furnished apartment rented instead. I’m not leaving home so goodbye eyeing that piece of furniture.

I feel anxious. Anxious that I might be the last one to stay around. It’s not bad but people think that I’m stuck! Am i? Ahhmnnn….