they’re moving out

Posted on Aug 04, 2010 under blahs, my thoughts with infos |

Do you know what’s the fad at the office? Especially in the department where I belong? It’s resigning and leaving for another country to work. It’s like everyone is busy looking for a new job. Others are pretty obvious about it while some are like on a stealth mode, as most of them would joke.

Some of them are into rush sales of items they won’t be needing anymore. Well, for practicality, items they can’t just easily bring along. In fact, I just received an email earlier about another set of items being sold. Ah I would have wanted to buy the flat screen monitor but I don’t have the money now.

I also have a friend (not from work) who will be leaving soon. I love her Hinkley lighting but she ain’t selling it. She can’t dispose her stuff just yet. She wants her fully furnished apartment rented instead. I’m not leaving home so goodbye eyeing that piece of furniture.

I feel anxious. Anxious that I might be the last one to stay around. It’s not bad but people think that I’m stuck! Am i? Ahhmnnn….

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