excitement halted

Posted on Aug 16, 2010 under blahs, my thoughts with infos |

So the long weekend that i’m so excited about is no longer true. Not that i have plans to do but a day of respite is something i always look forward to. The holiday falls on a Saturday but the President did not move the holiday to Monday. My sched at work is Mondays to Fridays only so management decided that we shorten our work-hour this week. Fair enough.

So last night, i decided to sleep early. I wanted to come to work early so i can leave early. I swear i went to bed before 10pm. But i was only half asleep (maybe because of my cough and colds too) so i decided to watch tv instead after all i can’t miss my favorite late Sunday night show. The house they featured this time was really outstanding. I admire how the owners mix modern furniture with their minimalist house concept. Well, the man of the house is an architect himself so you could expect nothing less from his own house design. I really love it. Imagine the look of his room – when he wakes up, he’s got a full view of the green trees outside his garden. Ah serenity.

So after watching the tv show, finally went back to sleep but had to wait for some two hours before i felt really sleepy. But i was glad i did not spend the 2 hours just tinkering the web and checking out the lives of others. You know what i mean – social networking sites. Duh!

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