reminiscing August

Posted on Aug 20, 2010 under blahs, my thoughts with infos |

It’s the third weekend of August. By this time last year, my excitement cannot be contained. It was on the last weekend of August last year that two of my friends from work and I went to Sagada, Mountain Province.

We were anxious then because the weather wasn’t good. It rained every now and then with occasional strong winds. I was constantly monitoring news on the TV and broadcast emails at work. I was fervently praying that on the week of our travel it’s going to be sunny.

It was a good thing that we kept in touch with our tour guide. He said it was ok for us to continue with our trip because the weather in Sagada was very ok. The trip was really tiring. But I don’t regret a single second of it. The picturesque views were all worth it. The cool winds at noon were so invigorating. Maybe some outdoor fireplaces in the rest houses and pension houses would make an awesome romantic setting. I could feel the chills while we had our dinner.

We stopped by at Baguio after Sagada and had we known that September would be the grand centennial celebration of Baguio, we could have stayed longer. We missed their street parade and dancing. Well, there’s always a next time… thing is, most of my tripper-friends are no longer around town.

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