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i heart Sam

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I’m a fan of Sam Milby. If you don’t know him, he’s that Fil-American model-actor who rose to stardom through a reality tv show. He was not the big winner but he sure is a winner to a lot of people, to a lot of women including me. I may not watch all his shows but I heart him ever since he first appeared on Philippine tv for a toothpaste commercial.

Ok, so I’ve read that he gave his ex-girlfriend the latest gizmo fad today. He should have included an ipad warranty to be complete. I’m sure his former lady love would love it even more. I liked them as a couple but they broke up so…

Ok. Ok. Enough of my showbiz talk. Hey, it just came to my thoughts because I saw him in the mag cover. Lol!

as if a millionaire

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One day millionaire. Have you ever heard of that phrase from our older folks? It’s a slang term for spending much money in one day and ending up penniless the next day. It usually happens during payday and the next 2-3 days.

It is true to myself, sometimes. Whenever I’m too lazy and still have some money, I would not take the jeep but take a cab instead. Do the math for the fare difference and you’d agree I’m being a one day millionaire. Funny thing is you get to talk to some of the drivers. I don’t mind as long as they’re not rude. Talking keeps them from snoozing especially in the evenings. One driver openly talked about his life, love life to be exact. He said, it’s true that drivers are the best lovers. Lol! (Have you ever seen those stickers?!?) He then continued that thanks to the aid of some products with hgh that he can take, he is still as strong as a stud. I was laughing. Good thing because I was almost home, I don’t think I need to hear anymore further of his stories. Bed stories to be exact.

So, back to me being a one day millionaire. What day is today? You can bet that I’m broke. :D

making my list already

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Ops! I did mention about the Christmas party at work right? And I also mentioned about our exchange gifts or what we commonly call as Kris Kringle. Here’s another item to be added in my wish list! What else but a slimming wrap for my goal of losing weight. So please – friends, colleagues and maybe foes (do I have any?), just support my cause and get me what I want. Demanding too much? Not really, I just want to get back to my old self, when I was only about 108lbs. My weight now? Don’t bother asking. :P

If I’m not mistaken, I usually get what I write in my list. We’ll see for this year… that if I decide to join. :P


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Signing up, joining and be in a social networking sites is the fad of today. It’s as if you are a social pariah if you don’t own an account or not a member to any of these sites. Well, it has its advantages. One of which is you get to meet old friends from way back when you still don’t know much about the flowers and the bees. Heheh. It so happen that I received a friend invite and it took me a while to figure out who the person is. I don’t accept invites by the way if I don’t know the person. Is it photoshop or has she been using some efficacious acne products because she looks flawless in her pictures! She is good looking even from before only that she had some skin problems then. But now, she is even more radiant and gorgeous. See, with these social networking sites, some surprises may await you. So, don’t be surprise if you can’t recognize me the next time you check out my profile. Lol! :D

is it me or just the weather?

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Of course you know that Christmas starts as early as September for us. Last Sunday after the fun run, I happen to be in Colon because i took the wrong jeepney. It was ok though because I get to do a little window shopping in the bazar. Ok I did manage to buy 3 items. I wanted to buy more but I didn’t bring enough money. (Read: I don’t have money.) It’s still around 8:45am so most of the shops weren’t open yet. Then I heard a very famous Christmas song which reminded me of my elementary days. Then of the gifts I should be preparing for my godchildren. Whew!

Late this afternoon, I heard my officemate asking for volunteers for the Christmas party committee. Wow! They’re already planning for the party. I might as well start on my wish list. Can I have diet pills dear colleagues? Ok, running gears will do. Seriously, a shirt will do. Our gift giving/exchanging of gifts is quite different. All the participants will list down some 3 items in her wish list. It’s up to the giver if she/he’ll grant the wish of the person she had drawn.

But it feels a little different for me this year. I’m contemplating whether to join the party or not. What’s up with that?

bully, bullied

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While watching TV last night, I tried doing some stretching and bending. And then I checked my belly. It’s still as big as it was the other night. And my arms are still as flabby as they were. My younger sister saw me and said, “hey, you did not earn your fats and bulges over night so what made you think it will be gone in just a minute of stretching?”. Point taken. So, instead of bullying me, why can’t she just help me find a quick weight loss product or pill that I can take right? She’d surely be of help!

My sisters can’t relate to my sentiments actually. They’re not skinny but definitely not as chubby as I am. They eat as much as I can yet they don’t gain much. I think some girls are just lucky. Guess what worries them? They’re worried they can’t have my clothes anymore because the sizes’ too big for them already! Haha.

back to work

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I just got back to work today. I was absent Monday and Tuesday as I was coughing like crazy over the weekend. I managed to join the fun run last Sunday but at night I was having a hard time breathing already. I hate this. When I start having colds, it usually ends up with cough and the doctor said it’s not correlated. Or I just don’t understand what he said then.

Since I’ve been home most of the time doing nothing except eating, my weight is getting impossible. I’d like to understand what is this hoodia gordonii all about. I want to consider taking diet pills and I’ve heard, it’s one of the most common ingredients found in those supplement pills. And truly, understanding what you’re taking is quite a sensible thing to do.

My stomach’s upset right now. Not sure if it’s because I’m hungry or because there’s an issue in one of my projects at work. What a welcome! Huh!

not your ordinary wallet

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Through the advent of technology, commodities now a days are getting smaller and smaller. Remember the first few models of mobile phones? They are huge and a bit heavy to carry. But look at the latest models now? The come in handy and are so light weight.

Integrated circuits are getting smaller and you’d imagine how compact are they to be able to perform all these tricky functions. Tapping our cards or id’s is not even much of an effort because of microchips attached. But as you may know, intelligent brilliant people don’t always invent the things that are good for all mankind. Robbery can still occur despite how modern our time is right now. It’s a good thing that rfid blocking wallet has emerge to everybody’s rescue against all these fraudulent activities or scams. I probably should get one of these. It’s one thing to be vigilant but it’s also another thing to be protected right?

See, there’s always an advantage/disadvantage to almost everything.

uneventful long weekend

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I’m enjoying the long weekend. Nothing much going on to fully utilize the long weekend but i’m glad to be just at home and not at the office. I have been hoping that the end of Ramadan will fall on a Friday so that it’s going to be really a long weekend. Cebu is already off by Thursday for the Osmena Day holiday.

In times like this, it can’t be helped that i think about not working anymore. I think i’m already drained from working for the same company for the last 9 years. Is it my work? the working environment? the people i’m working with? I don’t know. I’m probably just jaded. Of the things happening around me. They’re just so obscure!

Though home based business is a good idea, i don’t think i’m good in handling business. It’s just not my cup of tea. So, maybe, it is just a choice between two things for me. Gather enough inspiration or motivation for that matter so my lazy ass would think of getting to work come Monday or maybe it’s high time i should get another job. (Question is – where? where? where?) What do you think? Maybe if they happen to read this, they will scrap me off with their plans in a zest, if ever i’m included in their plans to begin with. They had scrapped me off already, anyways, so. Boo!

books, why not?

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It’s almost Christmas, at least for us since it’s already September. If I were to make a separate wish list for other people, especially for our less fortunate kids, I’d definitely wish for school supplies and good quality textbooks among other things like clothes and slippers and shoes. I still see some reports on tv about remote public schools not having enough educational materials. I can see how eager the children are but too bad because they don’t have the commodities that will allow them to broaden their knowledge. If the CNN hero awardee able to make a change, why can’t the government do something more about it? Of course, we too can do something.

On a lighter note, I would appreciate if you’d give me books too this Christmas. Hahah.