not your ordinary wallet

Posted on Sep 10, 2010 under blahs, my thoughts with infos |

Through the advent of technology, commodities now a days are getting smaller and smaller. Remember the first few models of mobile phones? They are huge and a bit heavy to carry. But look at the latest models now? The come in handy and are so light weight.

Integrated circuits are getting smaller and you’d imagine how compact are they to be able to perform all these tricky functions. Tapping our cards or id’s is not even much of an effort because of microchips attached. But as you may know, intelligent brilliant people don’t always invent the things that are good for all mankind. Robbery can still occur despite how modern our time is right now. It’s a good thing that rfid blocking wallet has emerge to everybody’s rescue against all these fraudulent activities or scams. I probably should get one of these. It’s one thing to be vigilant but it’s also another thing to be protected right?

See, there’s always an advantage/disadvantage to almost everything.

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