as if a millionaire

Posted on Sep 22, 2010 under blahs, my thoughts with infos |

One day millionaire. Have you ever heard of that phrase from our older folks? It’s a slang term for spending much money in one day and ending up penniless the next day. It usually happens during payday and the next 2-3 days.

It is true to myself, sometimes. Whenever I’m too lazy and still have some money, I would not take the jeep but take a cab instead. Do the math for the fare difference and you’d agree I’m being a one day millionaire. Funny thing is you get to talk to some of the drivers. I don’t mind as long as they’re not rude. Talking keeps them from snoozing especially in the evenings. One driver openly talked about his life, love life to be exact. He said, it’s true that drivers are the best lovers. Lol! (Have you ever seen those stickers?!?) He then continued that thanks to the aid of some products with hgh that he can take, he is still as strong as a stud. I was laughing. Good thing because I was almost home, I don’t think I need to hear anymore further of his stories. Bed stories to be exact.

So, back to me being a one day millionaire. What day is today? You can bet that I’m broke. :D

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