bully, bullied

Posted on Sep 22, 2010 under blahs, my thoughts with infos |

While watching TV last night, I tried doing some stretching and bending. And then I checked my belly. It’s still as big as it was the other night. And my arms are still as flabby as they were. My younger sister saw me and said, “hey, you did not earn your fats and bulges over night so what made you think it will be gone in just a minute of stretching?”. Point taken. So, instead of bullying me, why can’t she just help me find a quick weight loss product or pill that I can take right? She’d surely be of help!

My sisters can’t relate to my sentiments actually. They’re not skinny but definitely not as chubby as I am. They eat as much as I can yet they don’t gain much. I think some girls are just lucky. Guess what worries them? They’re worried they can’t have my clothes anymore because the sizes’ too big for them already! Haha.

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