is it me or just the weather?

Posted on Sep 22, 2010 under blahs, blahs at work, my thoughts with infos |

Of course you know that Christmas starts as early as September for us. Last Sunday after the fun run, I happen to be in Colon because i took the wrong jeepney. It was ok though because I get to do a little window shopping in the bazar. Ok I did manage to buy 3 items. I wanted to buy more but I didn’t bring enough money. (Read: I don’t have money.) It’s still around 8:45am so most of the shops weren’t open yet. Then I heard a very famous Christmas song which reminded me of my elementary days. Then of the gifts I should be preparing for my godchildren. Whew!

Late this afternoon, I heard my officemate asking for volunteers for the Christmas party committee. Wow! They’re already planning for the party. I might as well start on my wish list. Can I have diet pills dear colleagues? Ok, running gears will do. Seriously, a shirt will do. Our gift giving/exchanging of gifts is quite different. All the participants will list down some 3 items in her wish list. It’s up to the giver if she/he’ll grant the wish of the person she had drawn.

But it feels a little different for me this year. I’m contemplating whether to join the party or not. What’s up with that?

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