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me like accessories

Posted on Sep 03, 2010 under blahs, my thoughts with infos | No Comment

Like most girls, I love shoes, bags and dresses. I also like accessories. I dress simply but I love to mix and match them with my outfits. Though lately, admittedly I’ve been a slob. I feel so lazy it would just be enough to grab a shirt and pants. I’ve been carrying a worn out bag that I didn’t bother changing it. What’s up with me? I don’t know. I feel so lousy. Even at work I feel lousy and it doesn’t help to hear something so demeaning and obscure. It is just me? I don’t know but I’m sure I’m not happy about it. Will I get over it? Or just let it pass? I don’t know. Truth is, I have lots of questions.

Then again, life must go on. It’s a weekend and I would rather not waste it on something I have no control of. And I just digress so let me go back to the topic on accessories. I just tinker my accessories’ box and realized I no longer have new ones. I’m thinking of making personalized ones so my objective for this week is to find some jewelry making supplies that I can put together. There will be a glam run towards the end of the month, maybe I can use them! Hahah! Kidding. I’m really not sure what’s this glamour run all about. Will the runners have to wear gowns or what? Interesting!

And yeah, I just received a bangle straight from Germany yesterday. I got two new bangles already. Yey! Will post pictures later. ;)