the plague continues

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In relation to my previous post, just another two of my colleagues in the department bid goodbye today. I learned about colleague#1 because my friend told me about it. My friend knew it because a very special person in her life will be joining this colleague#1 soon. I learned about colleague#2 myself. I talked to him this afternoon and asked him to help us with the programming tool when the project is already up and i jokingly added if of course by that time he’s still around. Oh my gosh! He said, yeah today is my last day. So, he has decided. He was just contemplating per his last status in the social media site. Surprise! Well at least i get to say goodbye and goodluck. Colleague#1 was almost my batchmate. I was just ahead for about a month. And i remember we were talking about resignation sometime ago. Maybe at the time, he’s already on the works. Heheh.

There should be some cheap insurance out there. It’s really high time the company start considering changing the coverage. By changing, i meant improving the coverage of our insurance benefits.

My friend who told me about colleague#1? Of course she’ll also leave anytime. Say a little after the special person in her life does? Hahah now i’m so cheesy! :D

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  1. hera Says:

    kinsa ni sila Lan? :)

  2. Ylan Says:

    Hera - hehe si carlo ang colleague#2, ang number1 kay taga mechanical hehe.. ambot basin wala ka kaila ;)

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