it’s just all in my mind

Posted on Oct 16, 2010 under blahs, my thoughts with infos |

My weekends these days aren’t as eventful as they used to be. My friend, G, who usually is my partner in crime when you talk about shopping and travelling and lazing, is already living offshore. I will probably visit her one of these days. That is if i have the dough. Her current location is in my places-to-go-list anyway so it’s going to be fun. Crossing my fingers.

I chatted with her last week and she said she’s gaining weight. She probably is looking for the best fat burners out there like i do. I looked at her pictures and i think she looks the same but she insisted she looks bigger in person. Well.

For my part, i promise to seriously start on eating right and exercise right next week. Aw. Promise? Nah! Lol!

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