dog story

Posted on Oct 27, 2010 under blahs, my thoughts with infos |

I have a few friends who love dogs. Admittedly, i don’t. In fact i have fear for dogs. I dread the sight of these creatures known to be man’s best friend. It was never always like that. I used to love dogs. We even have a dog before. But one evening, he did not come home. He could not be lost. He must be slaughtered by some addicts in the neighbourhood. Too bad, but after that, we never got a pet again.

For my friends out there who love dogs, i think this dog bed is a perfect gift for your pet this Christmas. I would have gotten one for myself if i have any.

I think my fear of dogs started when my sister was bitten. And then there came our neighbours with wild dogs that when i look at them i just want to run!

One of my friends would hate me for not liking dogs. One time, she scolded me because i walked away when i saw dogs on their street! Heheh! :D

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