halloween weekend

Posted on Oct 29, 2010 under blahs, my thoughts with infos |

Yey! Long weekend again! But it’s a busy weekend for me. As if. (Finn’s voice is tickling me! Wehehe!)

Saturday – go to Carbon market to buy small baskets for the goodies for first Friday mass next week. Our department is the sponsor next month and i just happen to volunteer to provide the baskets and wrappers. Yes folks! I’m no picky where to shop. I go to wet markets! Will also go there to have my watch repaired and buy whatever knickknacks in the market. I gotta find some mattress sales too, i might just find some great deals in the stores nearby.

Sunday – if i can wake up early, will join the Citygym fun run. Heck assembly time is at 4:00am! Wish me luck huh! And i will be running 6K! Need more luck for that! Hahah! Whether i run or not, i will have my hair done in the afternoon. Then i’ll have to drop by at the office. Some of my teammates will be working and i need to be there.

Monday – well, it’s All Saint’s Day. By this time, folks at home will be busy going to cemeteries. I’m not sure if i’m coming with them. The sight of the crowded cemeteries makes me dizzy.

Any Halloween parties out there? I want to gatecrash! Huhuh!

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