the never ending question

Posted on Oct 29, 2010 under blahs, my thoughts with infos |

So, like what i’ve mentioned in my previous post, i’m officially an aunt for the third time! My older sister gave birth to another baby girl last Friday.

My friend in Spain recently gave birth also to her second baby. A boy this time.

My friend in the US also gave birth to her second baby. A girl this time.

Wow! If both were here in PI, i probably would get Baptism invitations by now. I am a godmother to the first babies of the first two mothers mentioned above. :P

Wow, they are already on their second babies. I’m yet to find a husband. Lol! :D

So, when some online friends ask me, when are you going to marry? I really wish i know the answer. :P

And then an officemate asked me? So when? When you’re sixty? Yeahh. Lol!

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