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loveteam! :D

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It’s a weekend! Yey!

I was supposed to go to a department store downtown because my current favorite loveteam is having a show. Hahah! Yah! Can you believe that at my age i would be this gaga over celebrities??? You see i just want to see how gorgeous Rafael Rosell and Denise Laurel are in person. :D But my plan is cancelled because i could not drag along my cousins, they’re at a birthday party of our neighbour.

They are just too sexy! I wonder if they ever eat or something. That leads me to wonder too if there are really diet plans that work and is proven safe. Of course i woudn’t be as sexy as Denise but i just want to lose weight. I can’t fit to most of my clothes now and i’m too lazy to exercise!

At least my friend is not getting married this December. I’m not that pressured to look healthier. Haha! I had to look fancy then! ;)

So back to the loveteam… i really think they’re great onscreen sometimes i wish they are lovers in real life. Lol! Wahh!

the plague continues

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In relation to my previous post, just another two of my colleagues in the department bid goodbye today. I learned about colleague#1 because my friend told me about it. My friend knew it because a very special person in her life will be joining this colleague#1 soon. I learned about colleague#2 myself. I talked to him this afternoon and asked him to help us with the programming tool when the project is already up and i jokingly added if of course by that time he’s still around. Oh my gosh! He said, yeah today is my last day. So, he has decided. He was just contemplating per his last status in the social media site. Surprise! Well at least i get to say goodbye and goodluck. Colleague#1 was almost my batchmate. I was just ahead for about a month. And i remember we were talking about resignation sometime ago. Maybe at the time, he’s already on the works. Heheh.

There should be some cheap insurance out there. It’s really high time the company start considering changing the coverage. By changing, i meant improving the coverage of our insurance benefits.

My friend who told me about colleague#1? Of course she’ll also leave anytime. Say a little after the special person in her life does? Hahah now i’m so cheesy! :D

more benefits please

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Even until now, the smell of the krakens, as my officemates would call, is still very appalling. In fact some of them aren’t too discrete about it. They are very well open to let people know that they are in search for another job.

I really can’t blame them. In my opinion, aside from the salary structure, one of the contributing factors why associates leave is the pitiable benefits. I have been with the company for 9 years and nothing had been changed. Well, there is change. But instead of adding more, it’s the opposite. Married women are especially concerned because they are not getting any health benefits when they get pregnant and deliver their babies. It’s probably high time management should consider other medicare supplement plans so that employees maybe encouraged and motivated to stay.

I say, employees won’t complain and won’t look for other opportunities if they are getting those benefits. I seriously hope that they are seriously looking unto this matter. And not just making mere promises.

pink knickknack 002

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A yummy way to cool down my temper - a dose of this pink ice cream. ;) And you can even recycle the plastic cup. Lol!

I have a sweet tooth… so yes, ice creams are a delight! :)

roof racks

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I’m feeling restless that for the month of October there’s no non-working holiday. Too bad! I can’t wait for November now. I hope November 1-2 will be a holiday. See i’m that lazy these days. I just want to be at home or somewhere but the office.

My friend told me that it’s getting chilly on their side of the planet. Not sure what he wanted for his car but he’s looking for some thule roof rack recently. I’m working for an automotive company but i’m really not familiar with car accessories and blings. Maybe because i don’t have a car! Talk about ironies eh?

Speaking of cars, i saw earlier a pink van. So cute i wanted one! But maybe not, it’s too girly. :D

impulse buying

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I went to downtown area early this evening with my mom and nephew. But I had my nephew picked up by his mother because he wanted to do his own window shopping. Might that he can bring down a whole pile of shoes or dresses or toys or whatever his hands could reach.

One of the department stores i went to had its 3-day sale, today being the second day. I’ve read in an article that even if items are on sale, it doesn’t mean you are able to save. Buying sale items still means spending money. Of course it is especially when you are just impulse buying. I saw bottles of shampoo in the hair care stand and i grab this bottle of shampoo in pink bottle only to find out it’s a shampoo for thinning hair when i get home. Luckily no one in the family is having hair loss problem yet. Oh wait, let me check my father’s hair tomorrow. Hahah! Maybe i can just give this to my officemates instead.

However, i did find some worthy items to buy. Ok i’m just pretty convincing myself now. :D