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long day awaits me

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Barely six hours to go and a busy day awaits me. I could only hope it won’t rain so running errands become easy.

I will have to go downtown to shop for stuffs needed this coming Sunday’s activity. There are lots of things to do from shopping to packing and everything. Tons of items will be bought i could only wish my friend and I have a lift.

Anyways, i hope we’ll have instant super powers later to hurdle all the tasks. Boy i already feel exhausted thinking about it but i’m excited too.

Later, alligator. Gotta sleep now.

if love is blind… part II

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From my previous post… if you’re not familiar with the song….. here’s a part of the lyrics. :D

People say that you’re no good for me
People say it constantly
I hear it said so much I repeat it in my sleep

Maybe I am just a fool for you
Maybe you’re no angel too
But all that talk is cheap
When I’m alone with you

If love is blind
I’ll find my way with you
Cause I can’t see myself
Not in love with you
If love is blind
I’ll find my way with you

… does that ring a bell??? It’s a song from Tiffany! :)

gold anyone?

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Woaah!!! Just how many days and it’s Christmas! I haven’t started my Christmas shopping yet! Super busy at work. Too many things to do plus some extra errands to do. Not complaining though. Anyways, do you want to buy gold this holiday season? Check out the ones form US Gold Bureau online. Truly lots of varieties to choose from. You sure could find that perfect piece for you or for your loved one from bullion to coins. It’s the one place gold lovers like you should not miss! You can even learn on how to invest on gold and learn more about rare coins. So wait no more and check them out now.

if love is blind

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is the music being played on my way home. Lol! Eww i feel old upon hearing the song! Hahah! It’s a hit song from way back when i was in what? high school? or college? or worst elementary? i can’t remember. Hahah! Not sure which radio station the company service driver is listening to. For a week, i notice the songs are all mellow songs, some mellow old songs. Not complaining though because i like mellow songs but i just can’t help but laugh. It does make me feel old sometimes. :D

happy, happy

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THANKSGIVING to all my friends and colleagues in the US and around the world.

May He continue to grace us all with His blessings.

Enjoy the feast folks. :)

Ain’t celebrating here on my side of the planet but there are many things i’m thankful for. So even without the turkey on our dinner table, i say, thank you Lord for all the blessings. :)

rainy talk

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I live in a tropical country where there are only 2 seasons – wet and dry. I have friends abroad who get to experience 4 seasons. I gosh at the thought of experiencing all those seasons. But sometimes, I feel lucky especially when I hear some friends rant about how difficult it is to go to work, to run errands because of the cold weather. Even if there is no snow yet, it’s still very cold especially when it’s raining.

Despite all that, I still want to experience snow and winter and everything that comes with it. Rain? No fuss, these women’s rain boots are too cute not to strut even on rainy days. I probably would not mind braving floods or heavy rains if I wear it. See, one can be fashionable regardless of the weather. :D

Talk about rain - I hope it won’t be rainy for us this coming weekend. Lots of errands to do and a concert to watch, maybe. :P

toys? or no toys?

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I’m no mother but Christmas is pretty hectic for me. I have a couple of godchildren to find gifts for. And i have quite a number of nephews and nieces. I find it especially hard to find gifts for the boys that I often wish all of them are girls. Lol!

I usually buy clothes or bags because i want to give something they can really use. But when i see these toys some minutes ago, i’m reconsidering. Maybe i’ll give something else this time. My nephew keeps on getting my sea lion stuffed toy. Thing is I can’t let him borrow it because it was given to me by a very good friend i would want to keep it for long.

We will be having an outreach program this weekend and i can’t wait to shop for items to be given away to the kids in the orphanage. But i’m still waiting for the funds. Hopefully there is enough money for the food and prizes. Otherwise, we’ll have to omit the gifts and just give a small ‘pica-pica’ party.

clues for you

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In the tv show entitled “Ang Pinaka”, it features the top 10 Christmas items to be given away. I forgot the exact rankings but my favorite would be the gift certificates and gizmos and gadgets. Why not? I would not mind receiving an unlocked phone this holiday season. Of course, it’s not all about gift giving, let alone the value of the gift. But if somebody out there is thinking of giving me something and is not constrained about budget? Now, you have a clue! :D Hey, i love watches too! :D

Speaking of gifts, any suggestions for something thick? Ah this Kris Kringle is fun but sometimes mind bugling!

it pays to be careful

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I purposely went to my favorite beauty store last Sunday evening despite the fact that it’s already late. I needed to buy something for my Manita. Since, i was already out there i also bought some toiletries. Not that you really need to know about that. Lol! I also tried looking for the best acne treatment in the store. My younger sister is having some sort of zits.

Anyway, while i was at the store, i noticed this man closely following me. Wherever i stand, he would stand close to me and pretended to check out the stuff i’m looking at. He is no way one of the store’s secret guards, those guards in civilian attire. He wore a jacket and a cap. When i was so sure he was following me, i went near to the cashiers and guards. He disappeared like magic! After paying my items, i went out and saw him outside the glass doors. I immediately grabbed my sling bag and pretended not to notice him. I knew the man was up for something. Fortunately he did not follow me. He would have gotten my bag easily because i found out the strap of my bag is already worn out. I guess my guardian angel was with me all along.

Lesson learned that night: be careful all the time. Be mindful of your surrounding every time, all the time, anywhere, everywhere.