it pays to be careful

Posted on Nov 18, 2010 under blahs, my thoughts with infos |

I purposely went to my favorite beauty store last Sunday evening despite the fact that it’s already late. I needed to buy something for my Manita. Since, i was already out there i also bought some toiletries. Not that you really need to know about that. Lol! I also tried looking for the best acne treatment in the store. My younger sister is having some sort of zits.

Anyway, while i was at the store, i noticed this man closely following me. Wherever i stand, he would stand close to me and pretended to check out the stuff i’m looking at. He is no way one of the store’s secret guards, those guards in civilian attire. He wore a jacket and a cap. When i was so sure he was following me, i went near to the cashiers and guards. He disappeared like magic! After paying my items, i went out and saw him outside the glass doors. I immediately grabbed my sling bag and pretended not to notice him. I knew the man was up for something. Fortunately he did not follow me. He would have gotten my bag easily because i found out the strap of my bag is already worn out. I guess my guardian angel was with me all along.

Lesson learned that night: be careful all the time. Be mindful of your surrounding every time, all the time, anywhere, everywhere.

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