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shopping like crazy

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One of my friends is in Thailand right now. She’s definitely shopping still she drops. She’s been sending me photos of bags and shoes and dresses she finds. I told her to buy one pair of those pink sandals for me. Hopefully she did!

She’s lamenting she’s buying bigger sizes now because for the past months she’s been eating out all the time. She has gained weight and goodbye to her old jeans. She wanted to lose weight like i do. Told her to check out l-leucine in some products if she wanted to try some diet pills.

Thailand is one of my must-see-places in Asia. If i have the chance, i’d surely go there too. I can’t wait to go shopping. That is if i have enough money. Heheh! Who knows right? I did buy a lottery ticket already! I’ll buy again next weekend. Hahah.

raffle tickets

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I’ll have to go to the department store this weekend and drop off my raffle tickets to the store’s promo. Who knows i might just win one of the cars to be raffled off. They will be giving away a total of 8 cars. Draw date will on January yet so i still have two months! Hahah!

I tried checking out some auto insurance companies so that i already have options if i win. Assuming! But hey, to dream is free so why not make the most of it. Lol! :D

I did not win in the raffle during last Sunday’s run. The major prize is a watch. Maybe i did not win it because i’m in for a greater surprise. That is winning a car, of course! :D

peanut butter on bananas

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I’ve read from someone else’s blog that eating peanut butter with bananas is a heavenly delight! She even wrote farther that peanut butter sandwiches with slices of banana on top was the favorite of Elvis Prestley.

I cannot imagine the taste. Last weekend i bought a bottle of peanut butter. Surprisingly there were lots of bananas at home when i arrived. And i remember about this concoction.

Honestly, i cannot tell how it tasted. Heheh! It’s not bad either. I probably have to try eating it again! :D

You might as well try it too. Then let me know how you find the taste. :)