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simple wishes

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For this year’s Manito/Manita of our section party, the amount for the final gift is 300pesos minimum. My 3 wishes are sling bag, hand lotion from Body Shop and hankies. The manito/manita can just pick any of the 3. If she/he were that generous, he/she could give the 3 items. Why not!? :P

Glenda, the girl who got my name :)

she did give my 2nd wish ;)

Hazel, laughing out, is my Manita (One Of These Days), she asked for a specific umbrella, and she got it. :P

close up of my gift, she kinda know i love pink?
thanks girl, love it! :P

Our codenames by the way were song titles, i happen to be Defrying Gravity. There you go, Glee fanatic! :D

classic christmas movies

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Some 2 years ago if i’m not mistaken, my Manito at the office (for the department party) asked for original cd copies of famous/classic/all time favourite Christmas movies. Well, dvd copies would have been expensive and i could only afford him 1 movie if it were the case.

When i read what my Manito wished for, instantly i had 2 names in mind of who could it be. At the party night, i was right!

Clueless of famous Christmas movies, i seek refuge from search engines. I printed out top 25 best Christmas movies of all time. Brought the copy to the record/movie shops and asked sales attendants if top 3 were available. I hopped at least 3 stores just to give my Manito his wish. Unfortunately, not 3 movies from the top 5 were available. At least i managed to give him 3 movies from the top 25. ;)

Now, don’t ask me what were those movies because i can’t remember. :D

december wedding

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Last Monday, one of my closest friends in college got married. I am so happy for her and i wish her and her husband a blissful wedded life ahead. I got her invite just a week before the wedding date. I’m a bit surprised but that’s just because we seldom have time to chitchat. That’s okay because real friends may not often talk but always catch up when they see each other as if they saw each other the day before. I would have wanted to give her the special wedding gift but i didn’t have time. Oops just making excuses. Like most brides, my friend totally looked gorgeous on her special day. I’m glad i am there to see her.

It was also nice to see again two other close girl friends. All of them are married but me. Woaah! :D Pressure, pressure? :D

I was not able to attend to the reception however. I had to run to another get together for a former colleague of mine. It may be not as important as the wedding but i have committed first to the event and it would be embarrassing to back out the last minute.

To my friend and to my co-worker (who got married on the same day), cheers to a new journey!

what a long day!

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I went to work earlier than usual today. We had a meeting from 9:00am to 4:00pm. I report to work in the afternoon so 9:00am is way early to me. Was not able to sleep the night before so i was like a zombie the entire day.

Since i came in early, i left the office early too. I dropped by the mall to buy gift for my Manita for our section party this coming Saturday. It took me 50mins to get a ride home. No jeepneys and no cabs. My feet are already hurting plus the fact that i’m roughly 24 hours awake already. My arms are aching as well. I will never shop in the malls again where getting a ride a home this holiday season is almost synonymous to impossible!

Gotta sleep now but i really want to watch this documentary on TV. Wow, i surpass Jack Bauer from TV hit series, 24. Lol!

last minute shopping

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It’s barely how many days before Christmas. Are you done shopping for gifts already? I’m not. I haven’t bought something for my manita yet and the section party is next Saturday. Sure i still have the weekdays to do it but i will be very busy at work i don’t think i can spare some time to go to the malls before or after reporting to work. We’ll see. I might be able to find some time tomorrow.

I don’t have anything yet for my siblings. At least my father already has his men’s polo shirts some weeks ago. We had a deal i won’t be giving him Christmas present anymore. Haha! Don’t have anything for my godchildren and nephews and nieces yet. My mother would gladly accept cash so no worries. Lol. I plan to do all these shopping on weekdays after next week. I’m still not on vacation by that time but at least work hours are shortened.

I’m so looking forward for my week of solitude at home. Can’t wait for vacation time!

cure for acne

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Running some errands - I dropped by at a pharmacy sometime last week. I went straight to the pharmacist and asked what are some of their best acne products they can recommend. The pharmacist looked at me a bit surprised and asked if i’m the one to use it. No, it’s not for me but for my cousin who has been agonized with the skin problem. It’s almost Christmas break at school so it’s best time for him to pay attention to his dilemmas. Like most teenagers, it will come to past. Unless it’s really a serious problem that needs serious medical attention.

i love sweaters!

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In a hot tropical country where i belong, a simple shorts and shirt or pants and shirt duo is the most comfortable thing to wear. Interestingly though i love jackets especially knitted ones. I love cardigans. If i live somewhere else, I probably would have a lovely collection of women’s sweaters in my closet. Not only they keep you warm, they are also accent pieces to your day to day wardrobe. I have a few and i only get to wear them when i get to travel to other countries. And it doesn’t happen that often so they have to linger a little more time in my cabinet. Got new ones. It comes in violet and purple. I told you i’m not into pink lately. :P Oddly enough, i like it when it rains because i get to wear them. Hahah!

still a pink lady

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Have i given up pink? Not really but it seems like for the most of the year i’ve been buying things that are in the shades of violet, purple, lavender and the likes. I got a pair of sandals, flat shoes, knitted jacket, blouses and whatever knickknacks. And just today, i bought a violet dress! I will wear it next Thursday. It’s just a simple dress but at least i can wear it on other occasions other than the company Christmas party. Can’t wear anything sexy these days. I’m not sexy to begin with and with much weight gain? Anything strapless, body hugging, sleeveless are a no-no. But maybe with compression stockings i can manage a subtle sexy look? We’ll see.

By the way, i do not plan to sport a very stellar look but i should at least look presentable. Geezzz! I’ll probably be on stage come Thursday! And everyone will see me! Well, I’m one of the contestants in one of the parlor games. I kid you not! Wait until i post pictures next week. Heheh.


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Our department Christmas party will be this next Saturday already. I’m not that excited about it but i will be attending. It will be held in a resto bar in the city. I haven’t thought of what to wear but i’m a bit agitated because of my fats, duh. Whatever i decide to wear i need to don something that conceals the ugly sight. These plus size corsets are too cute i might just wear one! I bought a mini dress last time and i think it would be perfect for the night though i’m not sure if it still fits me. Lol!

Good luck to the newbie runners from the office who will run today… actually the fun run is happening in just a few hours from now. I decided not to join because i feel so tired these past few days. I’m probably not joining any fun run until next year.

stubborn sis

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My younger sister is just so stubborn. She occasionally has pimples and she always, always pricks them. Told her to stop pimple popping otherwise it will just get worse. She said she hates the sight of it. Well, it could get even uglier if it turns into wounds. The least she could do is to wash her face every morning and night and find a remedy that suits her. I know it’s never easy dealing with pimples. I had my fair share when i was in high school. But it was all because at one point i had poor hygiene. I sometimes go to sleep without washing my face. Too tired to do it after watching basketball almost every night. Duh!