Posted on Dec 05, 2010 under blahs, my thoughts with infos |

Our department Christmas party will be this next Saturday already. I’m not that excited about it but i will be attending. It will be held in a resto bar in the city. I haven’t thought of what to wear but i’m a bit agitated because of my fats, duh. Whatever i decide to wear i need to don something that conceals the ugly sight. These plus size corsets are too cute i might just wear one! I bought a mini dress last time and i think it would be perfect for the night though i’m not sure if it still fits me. Lol!

Good luck to the newbie runners from the office who will run today… actually the fun run is happening in just a few hours from now. I decided not to join because i feel so tired these past few days. I’m probably not joining any fun run until next year.

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