still a pink lady

Posted on Dec 10, 2010 under blahs, my thoughts with infos |

Have i given up pink? Not really but it seems like for the most of the year i’ve been buying things that are in the shades of violet, purple, lavender and the likes. I got a pair of sandals, flat shoes, knitted jacket, blouses and whatever knickknacks. And just today, i bought a violet dress! I will wear it next Thursday. It’s just a simple dress but at least i can wear it on other occasions other than the company Christmas party. Can’t wear anything sexy these days. I’m not sexy to begin with and with much weight gain? Anything strapless, body hugging, sleeveless are a no-no. But maybe with compression stockings i can manage a subtle sexy look? We’ll see.

By the way, i do not plan to sport a very stellar look but i should at least look presentable. Geezzz! I’ll probably be on stage come Thursday! And everyone will see me! Well, I’m one of the contestants in one of the parlor games. I kid you not! Wait until i post pictures next week. Heheh.

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