last minute shopping

Posted on Dec 12, 2010 under blahs, my thoughts with infos |

It’s barely how many days before Christmas. Are you done shopping for gifts already? I’m not. I haven’t bought something for my manita yet and the section party is next Saturday. Sure i still have the weekdays to do it but i will be very busy at work i don’t think i can spare some time to go to the malls before or after reporting to work. We’ll see. I might be able to find some time tomorrow.

I don’t have anything yet for my siblings. At least my father already has his men’s polo shirts some weeks ago. We had a deal i won’t be giving him Christmas present anymore. Haha! Don’t have anything for my godchildren and nephews and nieces yet. My mother would gladly accept cash so no worries. Lol. I plan to do all these shopping on weekdays after next week. I’m still not on vacation by that time but at least work hours are shortened.

I’m so looking forward for my week of solitude at home. Can’t wait for vacation time!

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