december wedding

Posted on Dec 24, 2010 under blahs, my thoughts with infos |

Last Monday, one of my closest friends in college got married. I am so happy for her and i wish her and her husband a blissful wedded life ahead. I got her invite just a week before the wedding date. I’m a bit surprised but that’s just because we seldom have time to chitchat. That’s okay because real friends may not often talk but always catch up when they see each other as if they saw each other the day before. I would have wanted to give her the special wedding gift but i didn’t have time. Oops just making excuses. Like most brides, my friend totally looked gorgeous on her special day. I’m glad i am there to see her.

It was also nice to see again two other close girl friends. All of them are married but me. Woaah! :D Pressure, pressure? :D

I was not able to attend to the reception however. I had to run to another get together for a former colleague of mine. It may be not as important as the wedding but i have committed first to the event and it would be embarrassing to back out the last minute.

To my friend and to my co-worker (who got married on the same day), cheers to a new journey!

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