classic christmas movies

Posted on Dec 27, 2010 under blahs |

Some 2 years ago if i’m not mistaken, my Manito at the office (for the department party) asked for original cd copies of famous/classic/all time favourite Christmas movies. Well, dvd copies would have been expensive and i could only afford him 1 movie if it were the case.

When i read what my Manito wished for, instantly i had 2 names in mind of who could it be. At the party night, i was right!

Clueless of famous Christmas movies, i seek refuge from search engines. I printed out top 25 best Christmas movies of all time. Brought the copy to the record/movie shops and asked sales attendants if top 3 were available. I hopped at least 3 stores just to give my Manito his wish. Unfortunately, not 3 movies from the top 5 were available. At least i managed to give him 3 movies from the top 25. ;)

Now, don’t ask me what were those movies because i can’t remember. :D

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