simple wishes

Posted on Dec 27, 2010 under blahs, my photos, photos with friends |

For this year’s Manito/Manita of our section party, the amount for the final gift is 300pesos minimum. My 3 wishes are sling bag, hand lotion from Body Shop and hankies. The manito/manita can just pick any of the 3. If she/he were that generous, he/she could give the 3 items. Why not!? :P

Glenda, the girl who got my name :)

she did give my 2nd wish ;)

Hazel, laughing out, is my Manita (One Of These Days), she asked for a specific umbrella, and she got it. :P

close up of my gift, she kinda know i love pink?
thanks girl, love it! :P

Our codenames by the way were song titles, i happen to be Defrying Gravity. There you go, Glee fanatic! :D

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