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would it be a glee friday for everybody?

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So, today’s Thursday, therefore, tomorrow’s Friday. And tomorrow everyone in the office would either be happy or mad as they receive their 13th month pay. Lol! Wow! 13th month pay and Friday? Isn’t that a perfect combination?? As for me? I can’t tell what to feel then. Happy because there is extra money. Sad because it’s going to be used to pay off dues. Sigh. I just hope i still have some extra to buy this conjugated linoleic acid cla to burn fat. Yeah i need miracles to attain a lean body. Since it’s already December and i haven’t achieved an inch of my aim. Let’s say let’s just include it in my new year’s resolution now. Heheh!

mellow Thursday

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It’s a Thursday! And just like my usual Thursdays, it’s a long day. But Thursdays could mean one thing too, and that is I’m just a day away to weekend. Sweet. But am I that excited for the weekend? Not really. Tons of laundry is waiting to be done. And I really need to see a doctor (specialist) already. On my last annual physical exam at work, they found something on my xray result. My trachea is somewhat tilted to the right. Probably the reason I have a hard time breathing most of the time.

I’ll also have to check out some acne remedies at my favorite store because my cousin is getting paranoid about her pimples. I’ll also have to do some shopping for my godchildren already. Oops, now I have something to be excited for. This weekend will only be my available time to do the shopping because by next weekend it’s going to be our department Christmas party. And on Sunday, it’s going to be the fiesta in our barangay. I wouldn’t want to be out and join the pack of people all over the streets. But we’ll see…