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mellow thursday it is

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Feel gloomy today — blame it to the weather, it’s been raining since Monday. The other day i was really surprised to see on the news that lots of area in Cebu were flooded. I hope it doesn’t get worst in the days to come especially that forecasts say we are going to have wet summer, such is accompanied by typhoons. Rainy days will last until May and that leave us with probably just a month of hot summer (if we are lucky).

The weather these days makes you lazy. It makes you feel hungry at all time too. Not a good idea….

I can only hope that April will be more sunny than rainy. Crossing fingers here!

i suppose it’s the thought that counts

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More often than not, giving gift to someone is mind bugling. Of course, we wanna make sure that what we are giving is something special. So we spend lots of hours and energy thinking of that perfect gift.

Luckily though, there are those people who are so easy to spell. They give you obvious hints what they want and what they don’t. Last Christmas (some 2 years ago), i gave my older cousin a new shirt and he looked too unhappy! He could not even manage a meek smile. But days before that, he kept on asking money from me but i always say no. So last Christmas, i knew already what to give him that would surely make him grin. It’s either cigars, liquor or cold cash. I opted to give money at least he could buy what he wanted. Not that big amount but it sure gave him a big smile!

Speaking of gifts, i’m giving myself the gift of praise. Why not? It’s my 10th year anniversary at work! Congrats to me! :D

do you love dogs?

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Honestly, i’m not much of a fan of pets of whatever kind. Well, we had a dog before. And i used to feed lots of chickens and ducks and pigs before. Yet i have never become an animal lover. But i know of someone who really is a fanatic of animals. She even collects stray dogs and cats before. But that passion has to go away since she moved and transferred to another country. I bet she would have loved this dog training for her pet dogs. If i’m not mistaken, she has three dogs and was dead worried when one of them got sick last time. As for me, i adore them but i could live not having them around. :)

But if i have to have a pet, i guess birds will do. :P

i’m just honest :P

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I was browsing online photos of clothes for sale that one of my friends has been tagged in one social networking site. I got interested and got hooked looking at the items that i really ordered some three shorts. Of course i’m not an assuming person i told the seller that it would be a large size or extra large even for me. She said i probably would fit in medium. Wow! That’s probably selling tactics but there’s no way i’ll believe her. Lol! I’d have to take the best slimming pills before i could fit to smaller sizes. Anyhow, was not able to pursue buying the shorts because it’s not for retail, only wholesale. What would i do with a dozen shorts? Resell? Got no talent in buy and sell eh. Maybe the next time i’d drop by her site, i’d be able to wear medium or smaller sizes for real. Heheh!

it pays to read!

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I cleaned up my steel cabinet at work and found some packs of cereals and milk and chocolate drinks. I intended to bring the items home but when i saw the labels, they were expired! Geez! What a waste! At least i read the labels. People at home don’t mind reading so they might have consumed expired drinks had i brought it home.

It really is good to read labels. It pays right? So just like anything we take, we should read the ingredients and contents too especially for pills. Ever know what’s one common ingredient found in diet pills? Read about hoodia online and learn! You’d be amazed of the things you’ll discover. That being said, gotta scoot and i have to do a reading of mine as well.

Lots of reading actually because i’m in panic mode. Lol!

keeping at par

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The IT folks just changed my CPU last week. It’s actually an upgrade to prepare all workstations and be ready for the new OS migration. I cannot count anymore how many times had i changed my CPU, formatted my HD. It’s a tedious task – back up files, arrange folders, etc. But i couldn’t complain, after all, electronics is fast changing. At least the company is keeping at par. And i’m a bit happier because my disk capacity now is very big! And it’s faster!

I wonder if there will come a time that we will be using mimio systems in the office sooner? That would be awesome!

It’s been a week of waiting because i already transferred my files and i don’t want to do anything using my old CPU again because i do not want to keep remembering which version i am keeping the latest. I wanted to start working with the new CPU already installed and up. The IT guys were very good because they only had to replace the old CPU with the new one which is already configured. No downtime in essence. Now i have to get used to using my tiny but powerful CPU.

can an old dog still learn new tricks? :D

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If you’ll ask me what are the things i’m not good at, i can give you two sure answers. That is biking and swimming. I live in an archipelago yet i cannot swim. I don’t know how i even passed the swimming class in high school. I love the beaches though but not so much with island hopping. Phobia? Maybe.

When i saw some friends in Michigan who went biking, i was envious. At this time of the year, yakima bike racks come in handy since it’s still snowing and biking is never a wise thing to do. But come summer, i’m sure i’ll drool looking at their biking adventures.

I don’t know why i never get to learn these sports while i was growing up. I’m probably was too scared to try harder to learn. It’s never late i guess, so we’ll see.

on limiting, if not stopping untoward incidents

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I was awaken by my aunt’s loud voice yesterday in the wee hours of the morning. Her husband just got back from dropping off my cousin at her work. They were talking about the hit and run incident that just happened in the uptown area. My uncle thought it was my cousin’s boyfriend who got hit because the incident took place just meters away from them. My cousin’s boyfriend saw the car driver who just took off and left the victim. He fortunately was able to get the license plate so hopefully the police was able to get a trace of the culprit.

With the rampant road accidents and con artists sprouting just everywhere, i guess it’s a wise idea that the government will put security cameras strategically especially in dark secluded areas. It may not completely eradicate heinous crimes from happening but at least it will lessen and will help capture criminals. Police visibility would also be instrumental.

To the victim – i hope he’s alive and doesn’t have any major or permanent physical damages to endure. To the culprit – i hope he’d be man enough to face his responsibility.

pink knickknack 003

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Accompanied mother to the store to buy her Manita a gift. Her Manita asked for clothes hanger. While checking out the items on the rack, saw these pink hangers. Perfect! I bought one set for myself. Haha! :D

the aftermath

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Inevitable - 2010 is finally over. The festivities are slowly coming to a halt. So does the eating and drinking!

I’m pretty much exhausted during the holidays. Going back to the malls every now and then, and then to the grocery stores. I also did all the cooking for the Christmas and New Year’s Eve dinners. I’m not a great cook thus i just prepared the most common and easiest stuff i can manage. But i had fun so no problem there. The problem is the aftermath. Tell me if i’m wrong but most if not everybody is aiming to lose weight in the new year! Haha! Why not? After all those eating and sleeping, definitely a pound or more is what you gain. And if you are a woman like me and is still to make a wish, i’m sure you’re wishing for the best diet pills for women right now. Well, Santa is out of the scene. So you might as well start asking from Cupid already. Lol! While at it, might as well start running 50k a week. Haha!

By the way, for us Cebuanos, festivity doesn’t end after New Year. There’s still Sinulog to celebrate for! :P