keeping at par

Posted on Jan 19, 2011 under blahs, my thoughts with infos |

The IT folks just changed my CPU last week. It’s actually an upgrade to prepare all workstations and be ready for the new OS migration. I cannot count anymore how many times had i changed my CPU, formatted my HD. It’s a tedious task – back up files, arrange folders, etc. But i couldn’t complain, after all, electronics is fast changing. At least the company is keeping at par. And i’m a bit happier because my disk capacity now is very big! And it’s faster!

I wonder if there will come a time that we will be using mimio systems in the office sooner? That would be awesome!

It’s been a week of waiting because i already transferred my files and i don’t want to do anything using my old CPU again because i do not want to keep remembering which version i am keeping the latest. I wanted to start working with the new CPU already installed and up. The IT guys were very good because they only had to replace the old CPU with the new one which is already configured. No downtime in essence. Now i have to get used to using my tiny but powerful CPU.

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