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a fine house indeed

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I forgot if i already mentioned this but just days before Christmas, my friend from Singapore went home for the blessing of her new house. The house is gorgeous. The neighbourhood is beautiful. I supposed the subdivision’s design is zen inspired. I really like it! My friend’s house is still unfurnished as it had been just a month when it was completed. My imagination pretty worked while i was inside the house after the sumptuous dinner. I figured how would i fill the house had i own it. This hudson valley lighting is definitely going to be one of the accent pieces. Its simplicity will definitely highlight and add character to the house interiors. The only disadvantage of the subdivision is the location. It is quite far from the city and it’s located uphill. A car i must say is a necessity otherwise you have to be willing to do your exercise daily, walking that is. The view from their house at night is very charming and relaxing. Good for my friend. She deserves it. It’s hard earned money after all.

new year, new hopes

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I spent my first Sunday night of the year watching my favorite TV show. I sure try not to miss any of its episodes. The night’s episode featured the winners of the program’s promo. They gave away 2 sets of linens and a chair, an accent piece. I envy the two winners. I would have wanted to win it! Especially if it were one of those Luxury bed linens to die for. It’s definitely going to be a new year, new room for the winners.

Again, let me say happy new year! Let me share this message i got from a friend and colleague.

… May this year bring you freedom from financial burden, healing from hurt, restoration from failure, and an expectant year of an overflow of blessing and favour.

Definitely what i hope for in the new year… i wish the same for you folks! ;)


happy 2011!

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