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no connection

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Arrgghh! I hate that i don’t have internet connection for days now. I had to get out of the house and go to internet cafes to check emails, etc, etc.

I already called the provider and they promised to send out a technician today but it’s already 12noon and nobody’s called me yet!

Gotta scoot! Some errands to do with a friend. I wish the internet connection is back when i get home later today. Sigh.

never been a bridesmaid

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Yes, that is true. I’m never been into that role for a relative or friend’s wedding. I was supposedly a maid of honor sometime in 2004 or 2005 for a friend but the wedding is in Davao. For some reasons, sadly, i had to decline.

This year, surprisingly, a friend of mine who is getting married in May wanted me to be one of her bridesmaids. Wow! I’m delighted! That is a sure thing! But i’m not comfortable thinking about it. I feel like i’m too old and too fat for it. Heheh! Then i saw these plus size bridesmaid dresses that are so adorable. Maybe i’d change my mind and be part of the entourage. Lol! Kidding!

I’d be there supporting my friend on her special day, but really, i had to decline. Having did that, does that make me less of a true friend? Hmmnn.. I seriously hope not. :)


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End of last month, i went to a diagnostic center to have an ultra sound of my whole abdomen. I’ve been experiencing major pains on the lower right side of my tummy. As expected, the gall stone is still present but it doesn’t require any operation right now as it is asymptomatic.

I still feel uncomfortable at times so maybe i could try some colon cleanse and maybe i’d feel a difference. And yeah maybe i should try to minimize or stop eating unhealthy stuff too.

I went through another set of ultrasound, this time in my thyroid. There some culprit found. Can’t detail it right now. But don’t worry, i’m still alive and kicking! :D

the odds

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Just finished reading a magazine that talks about tips on how to lose weight from some famous celebrities in the Holywood. I think not all celebrities rely on diet and exercise alone to look sexy all the time. I bet they got some pills to go with it. I know there are lots of pills to choose from but does apidexin work to achieve what most of us wanted?

Then again, like any other regimen, balance is the key. Sad to say, i don’t have that discipline. I can’t imagine how difficult it could be when you have all the money in the world to buy all that you want to eat, yet you have to watch out what you eat. Hmmnn. Therefore, thank heavens i’m not a celebrity. Lol!

the dark circles

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If you know me personally, you’d now that i’m not a morning person. I’m rather a nocturnal. I’m mostly at my best in the evening and i feel lousy in the morning.

I’m comfortable being like that. If there’s anything to it that i don’t like is the aftermath. Seems like i don’t have a day that i can see perfect eyes when i stand in front of the mirror. Now, if only, somebody can tell me the best ways on how to get rid of dark circles effectively, then i really don’t have to worry being a nocturnal.

Then again, one of my friends said we’re not getting any younger, so we might as well consider sleeping early again. Haha!

Let’s see if i can do that especially that i have so many things to do before going to work these days.

just another facial problem

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It’s so true that as we get older, all these skin and facial problems become so annoying. It’s just one thing or the other. Oh, am i saying i’m getting older? LOL!

Either dark circle under the eyes, dry skin or pimples. Right now? I need a blackhead remover urgently. So, you don’t get pimples but you got something else. Just great! Or bummer. It doesn’t help that i have to endure some skin allergy right now. Need to get rid of these skin imperfections before summer!

Any other secrets you can share?

pressure pressure

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Geez! Barely 2 days to go and it’s March! And i haven’t gotten the chance to make a real deal of one of my new year’s resolutions. Of course, that is losing weight! It’s probabably in everyone’s list. Heheh!

So now, i have like a month to lose at least 15lbs. How will i do that? Can somebody tell me the diet pills that work that i can rely on? Really, i’m pressing myself to get down and do something to actually get fit. My clothes wont fit me anymore and i don’t have the budget to buy new ones at larger sizes. Aside from the thought that it’s creepy, it’s not wise at all! Yikes! Crossing my fingers here!


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Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! ;)

Everyone’s so frantic, especially lovers, today. Why not? When it’s the time of the year when you get to profess your love in the sweetest manner imaginable. Of course the cynics would say it’s just another day and you need not wait for Valentine’s day to profess your love and your antics. My take? I think Vday is just a reminder for all of us. Unfortunately, it has just become commercialized. Well, there goes the law of supply and demand. Lol!

For those lovers out there who are far from each other geographically, I hope you do have some cell signal boosters installed for that clear, uninterrupted exchange of mushy hi and hellos. :D

I wish everyone a love filled day today — may it be a romantic one or just pure genuine love from friends and family.

Here’s a –‘—,—‘—@ for you. :)

just another one

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Another team member is resigning. This means, another round of training to be done for another new intake (replacement). Goodness! This is getting crazy and tiring! So annoyingly tiring!

There has to be a long term action on this matter. Otherwise, it’s a repetitious cycle that is going nowhere.

Regular employees are becoming less in number. Hire contractuals, yet they too are diminishing. What does that imply to you? Somebody should get to the bottom of this issue and find a sound answer. Tsk. Tsk. Tsk.

vday’s just around the corner

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10 days and it’s valentine’s day! ;)

Have you got in mind already how to spend the day with your loved ones? Maybe some guys are already thinking what to do to make this day extra special for their ladies. Ladies, do you have some ideas on what to give as well? Why not consider some personalized gifts for him for that added personalized touch. I bet he’d appreciate it. Unfortunately for me though, i don’t have that special someone to gift to. Oops!

I searched for the meaning of valentine’s day. One dictionary tool says it means February 14. A day for the exchange of tokens of affection. Does this mean we really need to give gifts as tokens? Or what? :D