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Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! ;)

Everyone’s so frantic, especially lovers, today. Why not? When it’s the time of the year when you get to profess your love in the sweetest manner imaginable. Of course the cynics would say it’s just another day and you need not wait for Valentine’s day to profess your love and your antics. My take? I think Vday is just a reminder for all of us. Unfortunately, it has just become commercialized. Well, there goes the law of supply and demand. Lol!

For those lovers out there who are far from each other geographically, I hope you do have some cell signal boosters installed for that clear, uninterrupted exchange of mushy hi and hellos. :D

I wish everyone a love filled day today — may it be a romantic one or just pure genuine love from friends and family.

Here’s a –‘—,—‘—@ for you. :)

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