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What do you know? By this hour, some of my colleagues are already out in the streets running, while here i am wide awake and still eating but at least reading stuff about hoodia gordonii in an attempt to finally start on my diet regime.

My colleagues are running 15K today, in preparation for the half marathon next weekend. Me? I haven’t run since December of last year! Yay! All i do is pig out! I had a full dinner earlier (thanks to a former colleague from Singapore for the treat) and later tonight another hearty meal to enjoy. It will be the christening of my colleague’s baby boy. I am a godmother by the way.

You think i still need to figure out why i don’t want to use the weighing scale at the clinic anymore? Heheh!

work injuries

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Since i just mentioned in my previous post that i was in Michigan some years ago to attend a training for my work, there’s a related topic i’d like to tackle.

Some of us at the office get to travel out of the country for trainings or for work support to other facilities anywhere in the world. Offshore Injury can happen so i just hope that details of this must be clearly stipulated in our travel documents and agreements for our safety. While it may be a good opportunity to be able to travel abroad, some associates don’t like travelling and leaving their families but are obliged to travel because of the necessity. At least in this sense, the associates are secured and the risk of any untoward incident is being addressed.

I’m afraid this is not a matter travellers are so concerned about. I am.


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Since i live in a tropical country, it’s uncommon in most households to use carpets. It would be very hot unless your house is fully air conditioned. When i was in Michigan for my job training in 2004, i was so amused when i saw that our apartment’s floor is carpeted all over. Over amused when i saw my friends’ apartments were carpeted as well. Lol! Later i realized they had to because they have winter season. Haha!

I hope the company sponsored some services from carpet cleaners raleigh nc too so that i won’t have to do the cleaning of the carpets in the weekend. Heck! I don’t even have a clue how often should i use the vacuum? When a Filipina friend visited me at the apartment and asked how often i vacuum the carpet, i said every weekend. I can’t read her reaction. I’m not sure if she thought my apartment was dirty because i don’t clean that often or i’m too O.C. doing vacuuming every week! Whichever the case, i thought the apartment was clean enough. Lol!

year of the metal rabbit

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Every news on TV from the early evening local news to primetime news to midnight news- it’s all about the celebration of the new year and the predictions for the year of the metal rabbit.

I’m not a believer of horoscopes or anything similar but it’s no harm to read about it. They say for those who are born under the year of the horse, we should take care of our health this year especially from the months February-July.

Coincidence or what? I’m actually monitoring my health these days hoping i would be fine before my birthday in July.

To everyone - Kung Hei Fat Choi! May we all be blessed. :)

Gotta eat some ‘tikoy’ later! :D

pink knickknack 004

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It’s rainy season (tad bit early for it though) but we can’t stop nature from flowing its course. The saddest part is that it wont rain when you have an umbrella with you and it pours when you don’t.

Because of the mood swings of the weather, its no surprise that we get sick! Colds, runny nose, watery eyes.. ah you don’t like that. But when you do have it — here’s the cutest tissue paper you can use. Hehe! :)

the tempting caller

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I was at a middle of discussion with some colleagues when the phone at my desk rang. The caller was from a loan bank offering promos just as she said for her opening spiel. Since i have a lot of things to spend for these days, she and all these other payday advance loans are very tempting. I had to cut short the phone conversation though as i need to continue the discussion with my colleagues. I was actually giving a short orientation for the new intakes. If the lady will call again, i might really be tempted! :P

lazy me

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Yay! It’s 2:18 in the morning and i’m still up. I just had a cup of coffee. Don’t worry it’s decaf so i can still doze off later. It’s raining and i’m a bit sleepy already but i’m finishing up a new design for my blog. Hopefully can put it up before the month ends as i’m really lazy these days. Just like i said previously – blame it to the weather.

My cousin will be going out of town this Sunday for their company’s team building activity. We are kinda worried because of the bad weather and a brewing typhoon at that. Well, at some point, i like the weather these days too. Lets you stay in the bed longer most of the time. In effect, no mall hours spent, no money spent. If you ever have cabin beds and it’s raining, would you rather took off? Geezz!

Gotta wake up early tomorrow (err later) and get back to work! This is going to be a lot of effort. Tsk. Tsk.

check ups and more

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I was at a diagnostics medical lab last Saturday and yesterday, obviously because of health reasons. I almost got dizzy looking at the busy staff from each section and the bunch of people coming in and about. I never thought lots of people are coming in for diagnostics tests. Do most people of today are getting sick? Or people are just being cautious these days? Or perhaps some are just in to comply requirements needed for job applications.

Speaking of jobs, i’m never a fan of anything medical related. While still inside the building premise and looking at the staff handling jobs from urine test, blood test, x-ray, and more, i got interested of what could be all those other jobs one can pursue. Check out healthcare job bank and you’d be amazed that a lot of job opportunities this field can offer. Unfortunately though, i really can’t stand the sight of hospitals, blood, needles, etc. That is why i salute all these men and women working in the health care industry. Tough job and we need them badly.

I will be back for another round of exam next weekend. Sigh. It’s tiring but what can i do?