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pink knickknack 005

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This pink slippers of mine is nowhere to be found!!! Arrghhh that’s why i hate it when people (i mean my mean sisters!) just get your stuff without asking permission. Huhuh!

And my mother would say, you have lots of other slippers! And i say, i want the pink one! LOL! :D

chancing on old friends

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I saw a batch mate in elementary last weekend at the mall. She didn’t recognize me at first but eventually she smiled and waved her hand. I thought she had something in her right leg while she was walking her way towards me. Then i find out she was injured and is using a knee brace support meanwhile. We didn’t talk much as we were both in a hurry but she said she will be all good in the next days. I wish her nothing but speedy recovery.

Then i saw another friend whom took me some minutes to figure out who she was. All the same i smiled and waved. Must be a bumped-into-an-old-friend- day for me huh. Speaking of which, some of my elementary friends met up last Thursday and sadly i wasn’t able to attend. What do you know? It’s a Thursday and Thursdays are meant for telecons and such at the office. Well, there’s always a next time.

skin outbreaks

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Now that i’m older, facial breakouts is really not a concern unlike when i was still in high school. Dealing with pimples was a nightmare! I have my fair share of this dilemma too, so teenagers out there don’t worry too much. You’ll come around. :P

Then again, now that i’m older, it doesn’t mean i don’t get any facial problems! When i’m stressed, alas, those unwanted marks are so visible! Then i go back to searching for answers on how to get rid of pimples instantly and effectively. Thank heavens indeed i found some answers.

Summer is just around the corner so i won’t be surprised if i’m getting skin outbreaks too. But i’m not worried, it will come around. :)

dream bath

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A friend of mine sent an email asking for the best ways to ease those tired aching muscles. Another friend replied that a bubble bath with aromatic scents, candles and maybe a glass of wine will do the magic.

How I wish I could do that for myself. We do not have a bathtub at home. You see, bathroom vanity is what I have always dreamt of. Even if we had to remodel our house, space is an important factor and we don’t have that as well. A friend suggested for me to have an outdoor bath like those of the Japanese folks instead. As if I can have it in my neighborhood. Lol!

Meanwhile, dreams are free, I will dream as much as I can. Who knows, one day such dream will come true. :)

extra ordinary planning

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A person with plans is almost always the one who succeeds or prospers. Are you this person? I wouldn’t say that I am. Yes, I have plans but most of the time I would just seize the day. Things that are done randomly are rather memorable and fun. Spur of the moments as they say.

When you say real plans, you hear people talk about insurance, life plan, educational plan for their children, etc. What comes to your mind when I say funeral planning? Not too common right? But death is inevitable so why not? It’s probably just as practical as those insurances you know of.

Then again, l might just give it some time to think something like that for myself yet. I’m never too young for anything but let’s just I’m not yet ready. Though maybe everything would have to come in pink? LOL!

manic monday indeed

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What a way to start the week by getting embarrassed. Thanks to my shoe!
I left home for work earlier today as i had to meet a friend’s friend to hand in a gift. My friend is offshore so i had to run the errand. We met at BDO bank ‘eskina banawa’ branch. While walking crossing the streets from BDO to Chinabank and back, i already felt that something’s wrong with my shoes. After the short talk, i bid goodbye to the couple i met.

Then I walked to the nearby fast food shop. And there i almost tripped to the ground because the heel of the left shoe just gave up. The guard at Chowking saw me and i swear he’s about to laugh out loud. But at least he mustered enough control not to burst out laughing. It was so embarrassing! Thanks to my mother who came to rescue in about 15 minutes. I called her to bring me another pair of shoes. I was already embarrassed but i managed to pick my composure. I walked inside the store and put the detached shoe heel on top of the table as if nothing happened. LOL!


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Saw this tag from my email while cleaning up my inbox today. Thought of posting it here. It’s funny. I definitely have a new set of answers as compared to my answers from six years ago. :P

`fave color?

`color of ur life?

`color of your shorts now?
dark blue (pants)

`color of your top?
plaid shades of violet

`color of your curtains at home?
light orange

`color of your eyes?

`color of your blanket?
red orange with flower prints

`hatest color
neon colors

`color of your toothbrush?
pink & white


`color of your soap?

`color of shampoo?


green & brown

green, mostly pink

`fLoOr CoLoR?
dirty wnite

`color of skin

`color of your attitude??
pink! (haha!)

`color of your pillowcase
light orange with flower prints

`color of your friendster profile?
I forgot, must be pink

`fave color of your bestfriend?
orange, red, green

`fave color of your ultimate love?
I d on’t know, haven’t meet him yet (aww!)

`r u color blind??
noh! I see colors everywhere!

How about you? What are your colors? :)

the neighbor

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A neighbor of mine just got back from the states. We are not friends really, I just know her as the daughter of our neighbor. Call me a snob but seriously I don’t know much of our neighbors. Heheh! That’s because whenever I’m home, I don’t go out.

So, the other day, I woke up to the noise of people chatting and laughing. I learned that this certain neighbor is home for a vacation. She gave out wines, macanudo and chocolates and other stuffs to some people nearby. I would have wanted some chocolates but it would be embarrassing to get out and join the crowd since she probably doesn’t know me like I don’t know her personally. Lol! But that was generous of her.

If it were me, I would probably have done the same thing, at least to my closest relatives and neighbors. That’s part of our culture I guess. Travelers must come home bearing gifts. :D